No. 45 has 34 days left to occupy the Oval Office and then he––like so many Americans facing economic shortfalls––will be evicted.

His removal, a symbolic eviction, is hardly enough to balance the damage his four years in office have done to the body politic. Beyond eviction, we need conviction for all the crimes he has committed against humanity.

A coterie of disgruntled women are awaiting some sort of retribution for his harassment, disrespect and sexual assaults. Countless number of DACA dreamers want to know where their children are, and when their families will be reunited.

Trump has mismanaged and mangled just about every facet of the democratic process with his grandiose plans that never materialized, plans that eventually morphed into Twitter attacks, name-calling, and then an endless cascade of lies and falsehoods.

He had promised to make America great again and all he did was underscore some of the nation’s most egregious missteps. Never to any degree did he denounce white supremacy, curtail the mean-spirited Proud Boys, or make a concerted effort to rectify America’s longstanding indifference to racial equality.

Not a day went by that he didn’t find another way to eviscerate President Obama’s legacy, most distressingly, his determination to tear apart the Affordable Care Act.

Even after a resounding defeat by American voters, he refused to accept that his policies were outmoded, his reign over, and that it was time to face a reality he never bargained for.

Yes, 45 your number will soon be up, and we gladly count the days when your insufferable tweets will be less consequential and only of value to that herd of followers who are equally locked in a state of denial.

You know the end is near when Mitch McConnell finally congratulates the Biden-Harris team, and William Barr signals his departure. With Trump on his way out the door we can truly begin to celebrate that America is on its way to being great again.