As some of you know, my 2020 pivot landed me as food editor for The Spruce Eats ( It is such a wonderful outlet for my passion around the business of food. Food plus tech has me beyond excited every day to do what I do.

I want to bring that same energy and learnings from my position to the AmNewsFOOD section. It cannot happen with a talented coterie of contributors. This is a unique opportunity for you chefs, food purveyors, sommeliers, mixologists, restaurateurs, farmers, hospitality experts and food PR people to expand your voice and skill set within your profession.

AmNewsFOOD expert contributor requirements:

To succinctly and engagingly express your ideas about food, drink and hospitality in written form.

To be inquisitive about and involved in the food community outside of this page.

To participate in impactful and relevant content on this page and on social media.

If you, your client or someone you know are interested, please send an email to with:

Introduction to you and why you might be a good fit for the team.

Resume and bio.

300-word writing sample on a current and relevant topic in today’s food landscape.

Let’s do this!