Trump, the commander-in-mischief, took his carnival act to Dalton, Georgia the other night with the planned purpose of aiding the Republican hopefuls in the runoff for the Senate. But, as it so often happens, the appearance was more about Trump and his endless unfounded claims of voter fraud for his defeat.

One of the good things about his ongoing rant about his loss is what it’s doing to riven the ranks of the GOP. With each day the division in the party becomes wider and more disconcerting as members choose sides in the dissension.

How the split will serve the Democrats in Georgia or two years from now is open for debate and speculation, though in the short or long run it could spell disaster for the Grand Old Party, a fate devoutly to be wished.

It was good to hear that more than 10 former defense secretaries, including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates, have vowed to uphold the Constitution when it comes to defending the nation against all enemies foreign and domestic. And Trump may be a domestic enemy in this obligation.

Trump is running out of time and options, and many believe that his last gasp will be to invoke the military, something that may be in the back of the minds of the former defense secretaries.

“We won!” Trump told the crowd in Georgia the other night, but in a few days we hope that false claim will be swept into history’s dustbin. Of course the detritus left as Trump departs will take as many years as it took for him to menace our daily lives.

Thankfully, we have a dauntless duo on their way to the White House to do some cleaning and renovation. And team, please take gallons of sanitizer and disinfectant that Trump didn’t inject in his quest to beat back the virus.

In these days of uncertainty with notice that a variant form of the virus looms on the horizon, it’s good that Trump is out of the way and the medical profession and first responders can get to the task of caring for the infected, vaccinating those in the long lines, and pray that the former commander-in-mischief can take his menace elsewhere, maybe back to Mar-a-lago.