Never was the phrase “the whole world is watching” more apropos than it was on Wednesday Jan. 6, when armed, angry white folk stormed the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

For decades America and European nations such as Britain have brandished a moral authority like a colonial club, and have sent so-called international observers to determine whether African elections have been conducted fairly or not.

With five years of Trump’s well documented misunderstanding and disdain for political, domestic and global decorum, no expected empathy, and an implosive personality, observers from the U.S. to the African Diaspora to Europe noted that the U.S has lost its much lauded “moral authority.”

America has enjoyed a privileged position of a “Super Power” able to vamp on any nation of its choosing. That image received the battering of mob-shattered Capitol building doors and windows seen on live TV and online last week.

As next week’s Joe Biden/Kamala Harris inaugurations approach, news coverage the world over has focused on the witnessed President Trump supporters’ violence and proposed continuation of violence.

“The attack on the U.S. Capitol building has vindicated the African continent in its supposed failed attempt at implementing democracy the way the western world had done successfully in the past,” said Nigerian-Based, former U.S. freelancer Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe. “It revealed all it took to disorganize a perfectly working democracy is to have a crazy man imposed on the people in the manner despots are imposed on Africans in the Congo and elsewhere, or in Nigeria in the person of Ibrahim Babangida or Yakubu Gowon.

“What the western world had done to Africa is what Putin and his friends in Russia did to America. Putin successfully mounted a crazy racist despot on America to destroy American democracy the same way Americans did Africa.

“It’s not over. It’s just the beginning.”

Roger Wareham, attorney and the December 12th Movement’s International Secretary-General shared a letter he sent to United Nations Secretary General Guterres:

“Had the Washington, D.C. near coup occurred in any one of the ‘developing countries,’ the U.S., and its Western allies, would be leading the charge to have it brought before the Security Council. On top of that, we are certain that if the U.N. did not adhere to this demand, the U.S would not hesitate to send in troops. If the U.N. is to be the organ of world peace which it was set up to be, it must demonstrate that there is a single, global standard of justice and accountability. Now is the ideal time to take that step. We demand that you bring the U.S. before the Security Council.

“The events of January 6th 2021, in Washington, D.C. reinforce our continuing demand that the U.S. be brought before the U.N. Security Council. President Donald Trump instigated an attempted coup d’etat to keep himself in power. He referred to these domestic terrorists as ‘great patriots,’ while continuing to claim that he had won the presidential election in a landslide from which he has been defrauded.”

Wareham’s letter reminded Guterres, “On October 6, 2020, we wrote you to ask that the U.N. have a truly international team of election observers be present at the November 3rd elections. As time has shown, their presence would have immeasurably helped to undercut and expose Trump’s lies on the legitimacy of the vote.

“The failure of U.S. law enforcement to prepare for an assault on its Capitol which had been talked about for weeks over social media stands in sharp contrast to the rows of armed National Guard forces deployed in response to peaceful protests by Black Lives Matter supporters. Once again it demonstrates this truth of U.S. reality, i.e., there is one standard of behavior and justice for Black people and an entirely different one for whites. It is this blatant contempt for ‘anything-but-white’ humanity and human rights which has been the historical modus operandi of the United States and explodes the mythology of the ‘Leader of Democracy.’”

Aton Edwards, executive director of the NYC-based International Preparedness Network, told the paper that what he is “reading, hearing and learning from friends around the world about how the U.S. stands after the insurrection—is not good. Most knew the U.S. as the world bully; now they know it as a ‘banana republic with nukes.’ The attack on the Capitol gave the world a look at America’s ugly center and I don’t think they’ll ever be able to unsee or forget it. America won’t ever have the ability to scornfully fingerpoint at any nation again. When it does, all another country has to do is hold up a mirror.”

“If Trump had followed Bush, we’d have a different conversation today,” said human rights activist Omoyele Sowore, speaking on the still ongoing white backlash to Barack Obama becoming president in 2009.

Just after 24 hours of being released from government detention in Nigeria, the Columbia University graduate and NYC educator told the Amsterdam News that “Trump is as dangerous as an African dictator.”

Held for almost two weeks this month, by President Mohammadu Buhari’s government for his increasing following in his End Sars, End Bad Governance, Revolution Now movement, the one-time 2020 Nigerian presidential candidate mentioned that during an interview prior to the American election, “I said that America’s democracy had reached the point where idiots were going to burn it down, and it’s come to pass.” Causation, he said, is not just “how Trump is behaving,” but, “It began with George Bush and September 11th…whenever you have a mob just cheering on leaders who don’t have their own ideas and initiatives something bad will happen. There were people with yellow ribbons dictating which countries to bomb, which cities to bomb. I knew America’s democracy had reached an end. I think Obama had helped save that period. It was a break, but with the return of this authoritarian empire with Trump in the saddle, I knew that America would probably not be able to survive it without really going down. I think it is also a function of age; I think the American democratic system has aged to the point that it needed to be revamped, and this hasn’t happened over a long period of time. I said America is due for another revolution.”

Sowore was speaking just one day after being released from yet another stint in detention after fighting political and economic injustices in Nigeria.

The human rights, anti-corruption activist is restricted to Abuja as a precondition to his 2020 bail for his anti-government activism.

He is a popular and yet controversial figure for whom Sen. Chuck Schumer and Senate Foreign Relations Committees U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez helped secure his release from detention in Abuja, Nigeria in 2020.

After 20-plus years in Nigeria, and over 20 years in America, life-long activist Sowore added that he felt that both Nigeria and America were “ripe for revolution…it will change the conditions of the people, and the soul of the nation. I hope it’s the right type of revolution, not the wrong type, not revisionist. In Nigeria the only way is up, but in the U.S. there might be ideological and psychological confusion as to what they consider a revolution, that’s where I am worried. Their confusion is where the white majority rules, where they want to restore racism. If they consider that revolution—that’s a revisionist situation. That it is not acceptable. Those people at the Capitol building were talking about revolution. I don’t know if this is it though.”

“I lived through coups in Ghana. One was backed by America,” said Esther Armah, former WBAI radio host. “They are never spontaneous. They are carefully, thoughtfully planned and always, always include security forces and security intelligence at the highest level. That doesn’t mean there is not chaos. Wrapped in that chaos is planning. Your trauma is familiar to us who have lived through the horror, devastation, fear, legacy and the aftermath. To Black folks in America, our hearts go out to you.”

Now based in Accra, Ghana, the executive director of the The Armah Institute of Emotional Justice continued, “There is much talk of healing. This attempted coup, this process, this call for healing all sits within a global Black experience of white supremacist violence—in America, in South Africa, in Kenya. To be clear, we need an emotional justice…for global Black people, our healing is never separate from a political reality because injustice and inequity is stitched into our politics and part of the fabric of our world…America’s weapon, shield, armour and battlefield is whiteness. It is their frontline and faultline. Cracked wide open now, who will America become? There is who America was before the attempted coup, and who America is going to be in its aftermath. For white folks, such a healing that centers accountability and dismantling is absolutely traumatic because white supremacy has no idea how to not be centered.”

British-based educator and historian Paul Eme Ogbinna said, “From the U.K., as a person of African and European heritage, I saw two white tribes fighting at the Capitol building; loved the dude with the ‘horn hat’…just shouted a lot and waved a spear, laden with Stars & Stripes…the patriot was not a cowboy but an ‘Indian’?

“His image alone triggered my knowledge of the Boston Tea Party when, I believe, Lodge men dressed as Mohawk natives and threw British tea cargo into the harbour in the dead of night…The ‘Tea Party’ propaganda shows daytime bravery, but they know in reality, the British soldiery would have met them like contemporary militarised police at a BLM protest…just ask Crispus Attucks, ‘The first man to die for the flag we now hold high…’ (Stevie/Gary Byrd—1976).

“From here it seemed like a white family squabble at a wedding when the marital turns to the martial…”

Ogbinna continued, “I thought of the consequences if the noticeably white invaders…wearing Red MAGA caps, had been Black or Brown. I believe there’d have been a cordite cordon, a body-bag bulwark! This level of tribal warfare I found shocking, especially as I saw young white men stating that they wanted another Civil War…like they’re over the trauma of their last one! The political game in the USA is about the manipulation of the populace to gain/keep power ‘by any means necessary.’ These days, there are hundreds of TV channels with 24/7/365.25 day output, plus online information passing its thought forms and opinion off as fact. Niccolo Machiavelli is described by the World Book Encyclopaedia as the father of the modern science of politics. ‘Divide and Rule’ and ‘The Ends Justify the Means’ are phrases generally attributed to him.

“In ancient terms…he is SET. I saw the results of his handiwork via news and online at play in your nation’s Capitol building last week.”

Caribbean Immigrant Services CEO Irwine Clare stated, “It left a very indelible mark on us as a people. This has not been a good time for the United States of America. As an immigrant in this country I was shaken, perturbed, angered by what transacted. A threat to our democracy by persons who feel that they have been disenfranchised have now taken it upon themselves to use violence as one of the methodologies of resolving their issues. It has also opened our eyes to the reality that there indeed are two very different systems in America as it relates to how our people are responded to in times like these. I recall in the summer and the Black Lives movement in their protestations in Washington, how they were treated, and the apparatus that was put in place to safeguard the very things that were attacked last Wednesday.

“I too along with all Caribbean nationals do join all law abiding and well thinking Americans, as it relates to the challenges that our democracy was put under by this administration led by Donald Trump.”

As he said folk are “looking forward to seeing the back of this presidency,” Clare continued, “I can only hope that this safety of the county and democratic processes remain intact. We have a lot of work to do. We have demonstrated in the political process that we as people of color can and have made a difference. And as we look forward to the inauguration of the first Black woman to be vice president of the United States—making her a heartbeat away from the presidency—it gives me, it gives our community hope. We look forward to resolving this issue.”

Brooklyn-residing Nigerian restaurateur Lookman Moshood was philosophical in his response: “What happened at the Capitol building was a long time coming…those bunch of crazies are not just white supremacists/white trash-racists fighting an economic war.

“Why you said…?” asked the owner of Buka restaurant.

“They cannot in their wildest dreams anticipate the new economy of today, which places talent over race, and the ‘minorities’ are rising in most jobs of today—your godfather can’t help you much, you actually have to to really have the talent and education. So here comes a God-choosing white guy looking for work at Google. He knows someone who knows someone…Well, he can’t be hired because who you know doesn’t do technology? So, the job goes to some dude who’s got the talent, and may be Black or Latino.

“Those people who in D.C. said that they walked with their God and church. They were taken advantage of, lied to by the very same institutions, and some really racist pastors, who told them that Trump is their messiah because he does a lot of their bidding, which has nothing much to do with Jesus, but themselves. They will live to regret this, their action…history will not be kind to them.

“My advice to our people; please keep those kids in school; our time is almost here thanks to one of the most powerful beings God created—SHE’S A BLACK WOMAN.”

As for the way forward, Sowore concluded, “Young people in America have been bogged down by gadgets, devices, different variants of media platforms that makes them feel truly empowered, whereas their powers are ephemeral, and that is why America is struggling today…When they are now confronted with real power, real naked power, by a variety of groups that are armed, that have decided that they are chauvinistic, misogynistic, are narcissistic. People are going to realize very soon that social media power can’t put down this real power.”