Police in Fair Lawn, N.J. have closed a case involving the hanging of an alleged noose in a tree in front of a home last weekend.

While there is outrage of the rope that appears to be a noose, there’s mixed reaction as to what it actually was.

Law enforcement officials say they responded to a call last Saturday night about the alleged noose. The officer who responded to the calls said because there was no slipknot, it was not a noose but officials said they would investigate.

On Tuesday, Sgt. Brian Metzler of the Fair Lawn Police Department said the rope was about the size of twine and that it was being used by a utility company. He said a portion of the twine attached to the overhead cables had become detached from the wind.

“Based on the totality of the circumstances, Fair Lawn police are confident that this was not a deliberate act,” Metzler said in one interview. “The resident, in a follow-up conversation with detectives, was satisfied with the outcome of the investigation and was relieved that this was not intentional.”

The rope has since been cut by the fire department.

While police say they have closed the investigation into the alleged noose, Fair Lawn Mayor Kurt Peluso says he confirmed through his own investigation that the rope was not left by a utility company and believes it was left intentionally.

“How do I feel about a noose hanging from a tree of a home in Fair Lawn? Absolutely disgusted, but not surprised,” Peluso said in a Facebook post when the alleged noon was first reported. “In the past year I have seen: the Proud Boys march in Fair Lawn twice and when I speak up against it I hear it’s not a big deal.”

Fair Lawn’s racial makeup is 84% white and only 1.75% Black. Last summer at a pro-police rally in the town, some demonstrators were seen wearing white nationalist symbols. There were also Trump and Proud Boys flags being displayed. Local groups organized a Black Lives Matter rally during the aftermath of the George Floyd police shooting.

“Today I heard back from Altice/Optimum and the rope is not theirs,” Peluso said in a statement. “Yesterday I spoke to PSE&G and Verizon and both confirmed they did not put up the rope. The rope was not from a utility company or the Borough. I also walked around the neighborhood and could not find any rope attached to any wires. I spoke to the residents and assured them we will do everything we can.”