Black Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman, who was noted for his bravery during the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, received a promotion to acting deputy House sergeant-at-arms.

Goodman came into prominence earlier this month when he was seen on video trying to fend off several rioters in the U.S. Capitol. Once members of the violent mob were inside, they came across Goodman who was the lone officer and diverted them away from an area where the U.S. senators were, whom they were intending to harm.

During Wednesday’s inauguration, Goodman escorted Vice President Kamala Harris to the stage before she was sworn into office. Goodman was greeted by mass applause for his heroism.

Bipartisan House members have reportedly introduced legislation to award Goodman the Congressional Gold Medal.

“If not for the quick, decisive, and heroic actions from Officer Goodman, the tragedy of last week’s insurrection could have multiplied in magnitude to levels never before seen in American history,” said Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver. “With this prestigious award, we can show our gratitude to Officer Goodman for saving countless lives and defending our democracy.”

A U.S. Army veteran, Goodman joined the Capitol Police Department in 2009.