As Trump departs the White House with the door knob hitting him where the good Lord split him, he leaves behind a detritus of unfinished business and broken promises. Keen observers of Trump’s four years of madness need no reminder of his abysmal failures, no recounting of the disasters he perpetrated, including one unforgettable one on Capitol Hill.

But in typical draconian fashion, Trump departs with a list of pardons, which may include some of those involved in the insurrection. Among those cited as we go to press are former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and a rapper Lil Wayne. Such a pardon would commute a sentence but not remove the conviction.

We also hear that Trump will not be pardoning himself as it was once rumored, but he does face charges of impeachment, though that remains a date not to be determined until after the presidential inauguration.

While it is such a relief to see Trump on his way out, it’s hard to summon the will of celebration with so much sadness he delivered and so much still sullied in his wake. How is it possible to rejoice with a report that nearly 400,000 Americans have perished from COVID-19? Yes, No. 45 is on his way to what we hope is obscurity but the huge numbers still in the clutches of the virus or waiting for fiscal relief mutes any notion of celebration.

We were overcome with a similar pall with the outbreak of the insurrection that occurred at the same time a win was being recorded in the Georgia runoff, or in preparation for the inauguration in which for the first time in the nation’s history a Black woman would be sworn in as vice president.

Trump the perp will no longer be at the political throttle but his legacy is going to take a while to dispel. There is every indication that the base he nurtured is still angry, still finding ways to insure that what he set in motion will continue into the midterm elections in 2022.

There is no way to determine just how long it will take to remove the stain of Trump’s reign, perhaps it will live in infamy and we hope it has an indelible blotch on his four years in office.

More than one presidential historian has already declared that he is the worst president America has ever had, and it’s hard to imagine we can ever have anyone approaching his menacing, absolutely destructive ways.

If nothing more, he has warned us of what full-blown fascism might be, though even this incipient form has been deadly enough.

So long Trump, and let us hope that the next time we truly hear from you it will be a wail or even a whimper about an unfair impeachment in the same way you experienced an unfair election.