Mirlange Baptiste (301011)
Credit: Contributed

“I come from a family who are well experienced licensed health care professionals. I have family members who are registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants and even physician assistants. I saw the love and dedication they put into their work. Their careers sparked my interest in the health care profession,” said Mirlange Baptiste. “Once I become a nurse practitioner, I hope to have the same passion and dedication my family has to their professions.”

Mirlange Baptiste is a recent graduate from the University of Bridgeport where she earned a BS in biology. Her goal is become a nurse practitioner and eventually open her own practice. “I studied biology in undergrad and let me tell you it wasn’t easy,” Baptiste chuckled. “ But I started to think about how proud my parents would be once I cross the stage with my degree. I start to think about how my mom told me countless stories of how the nurses would take care of me with so much diligence and provide encouragement because I was so small, (1 lb 14oz.). I hope that one day, I would be able pay it forward and make a difference.”

During her time as an undergrad, Baptiste was well involved on campus. Along with being a student ambassador for the University of Bridgeport, she was also a spring 2018 initiate of the Epsilon Phi Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. “I joined this sorority because I was inspired by the work my founders and current members did. We believe in sisterhood, service and scholarship. Not only did I see this represented on my campus but on other campuses and D9 events. I love seeing blue and white during community service and hosting educational & social events.”

Advocating isn’t new to Baptiste. Baptiste comes from a family where English is not their first language, she found herself often speaking on her family’s behalf. Her family is Haitian and she is a first generation Haitian American. “I saw firsthand how language barriers can really affect one’s experience and can leave individuals feeling uneasy. Since I am fluent in both English and Creole, advocating for my family became my duty when it came to medical reasons. I made sure they understood what was happening and why. Being a bilingual nurse would allow me to explore these skills on a grand level and build those connections with my patients.”

Currently, Baptiste is enrolled in school to earn her degree in nursing. “Working in a field such as nursing will bring satisfaction and fulfillment on a daily basis to myself and my future patients. It’s important to spread love and compassion when someone is in your care,” said Baptiste. “COVID may have made my journey to becoming a nurse practitioner a little harder but I always remember it’s not about the time frame or how you get there, it’s about completing the goal and fulfilling your dream.”