Credit: Bill Moore photo

President Joe Biden has wasted little time putting the pedal to the metal, jump-starting the promises he had made during his campaign and several he reiterated in his inaugural address.

A little over a week into his first 100 days, Biden’s pen is poised to put the Trump administration in the rearview mirror and reinstate many of the vital programs initiated during the Obama-Biden years. Two of these actions are discussed in this week’s paper and they are but a harbinger of what the new president has proposed.

We like Biden’s plans on diversity which will reverse Trump’s attempt to nullify measures to attack systemic racism and discrimination in the workplace, particularly in the federal government. Cheers to the new president’s resolve on tackling the pandemic and expanding the absolutely critical need for increased dosage.

Even before taking a firm grip on immigration, climate change and foreign policy issues, Biden had already earned our praise for the composition of his cabinet, especially its diversity with the notable inclusion of Black women.

These nominations are consistent with his overall theme of unity and getting the nation back on an even keel after four years of mean-spirited devastation. Restoration and a positive outlook down the road are essential if America is to get back on point as the world’s leader nation.

No, complete renovation of the damage done by Trump will not occur in the first days of the new administration, but Biden is off to a promising start and the Democrats getting control of both the lower and upper chambers of government should provide him with additional ballast, though the filibuster remains in place.

We are ever mindful of how Trump’s divisive policies and tactics further rendered the fissure in our society, and nowhere was that most disheartening than to see immigrant children separated from their parents. Biden’s plan to halt deportation and reunite the immigrant families is something that we wholeheartedly support.

Now, Joe, we know your agenda is packed with priorities but don’t forget the fiscal crisis we face, the spiraling unemployment, hungry Americans, and a need to get your arms around the nation’s homeless masses. Yes, as we used to say, to those whom much is given much is required, and thus far you have shown the moxie and vision we can applaud without reservations. Keep your foot on the pedal!