Marlon Rice (301220)
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This past weekend, Stefani L. Zinerman was sworn in as the assemblymember of the 56th District, which is the Bedford Stuyvesant and Crown Heights sectors of Central Brooklyn. Particularly ecstatic is Brooklyn activist Marlon Rice who will be working with the assemblywoman as the new special projects coordinator of the 56th District. “Working with the honorable Assemblywoman Stefani L. Zinerman is a great privilege. Stefani is the epitome of what community service and leadership looks like. As a fellow kid of the district, I know the work will be done and be for the people.” Marlon Rice grew up in the 56th District, in the Bed Stuy section of Central Brooklyn. He says he is a true advocate for community service and building legacies for new generations. “Community service should be a requirement. I believe we should give back to our communities to make it a better one for new generations. I hope that as I take this role, the new programs and events that will be held will become a legacy and live past me,” he said.

Rice is also the founder of Good People NYC. The company started in 2013 with a mission to unify the community. “Since I was a youth, I held birthday parties and barbeques. It wasn’t until I got older when I realized social events are examples of a cultural interaction. It was a representation of unity and networking. Those statements stuck with me as I founded my own event production company, Good People NYC,” said Rice. Summer 2020, he held Feel Good Fridays which was held on the Black Lives Matter mural in Bedford Stuyvesant. Feel Good Fridays mission was to create memories and get people outside while following safety precautions. It showed the people that they can move forward and still thrive regardless of the pandemic. “Feel Good Fridays was a great project and I am glad that we will be bringing it back this summer. I feel in my heart that people are met with crazy challenges, and we have the ability to adjust and adapt. This is what makes us resilient. With the whole pandemic, it just showed the importance of health and wellness. Making sure we are self-aware of our mental and physical state. A lot of people were affected negatively by this virus, I am so privileged to be able to give people this space to feel like themselves again.”

For the eight years his company has been running, he has believed that for anyone who wants to start a business they truly have to have a passion for what they do because it takes a lot of work and dedication. If the love isn’t there then it will reflect in the work you produce. It is a message he said he will be sharing often on his radio show ‘Live From Bedford Stuyvesant,’ on the radio station launching in a few weeks.

Along with the title as the creator and lead instructor of The Magnolia Initiative, the father of three, is also a published author, contributing writer, motivational speaker, educator and the founder of the Black Runners Summit. Black Runners Summit is an expedition for Black runners in the Brooklyn area. This organization provides the community with the resources and information for newcomers. Rice has been a runner for over 15 years, and ran in three marathons himself.

“As a man who wears many hats,” the Morgan State telecommunications graduate added, “I will always tell those who are looking into entrepreneurship, or people who want to start working in their profession to learn as much as you can about the industry. Knowledge is always key! Once you have the knowledge and the experience you become unstoppable. Networking and moving around within the industry is also vital because it can open doors for you and you never know what’s waiting for you tomorrow.” 

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