Democrats, in effect, control Congress, but they still don’t have the numbers to support President Biden and his plans to overhaul a broken infrastructure and the fissures of systemic racism. A deplorable example of that deficiency occurred in the vote yesterday on whether to proceed with the Trump impeachment trial. Yes, with a vote of 56 to 44, the Trump trial will continue, but those numbers indicate that Trump will probably be acquitted.

Getting 17 Republicans to join all the Democrats to convict Trump is almost as daunting as flattening the coronavirus pandemic. In both cases we are burdened with a relentless—and ruthless if posited in Trump terms—condition that hampers a resolve of unity and healing.

That senators and representatives, seeking security in the well of the Senate chamber from a mob of marauders, refuse to understand the implications of the event and the man who provoked it is inconceivable. Well, not exactly inconceivable when you recognize the political consequences, real and imagined by the GOP lawmakers.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, the lead House Manager of the trial, told the assembly that if Trump’s incitement of insurrection does not constitute a high crime and misdemeanor then what does? And if those hearing his recollection of his personal loss were not touched, then what can move them?

The trial is just a current example of how far the nation has to go to deal with the calcified indifference, the intransigence at the core of our so-called democracy. There are still too many Americans who are comforted by white supremacy, unwilling to strip away the systemic racism, xenophobia, and misogynistic armor, incapable of heeding the cry for mercy and tolerance.

Yes, there is every indication that Trump will not be convicted but there will be other trials ahead, some unforgiving tribulations that even his smug, dismissive behavior cannot transcend.

It was only with a will steeled by hope and resilience that we were able to survive Trump’s persistent tsunami of evil, and we will certainly overcome and outlive the terrible legacy he leaves behind.