In recognition of Black History Month, Black community and faith leaders, including formerly incarcerated advocates and their family members, joined legislators in a virtual press conference to commence a Parole Justice Is Racial Justice Advocacy Day on Tuesday.

The advocacy day was organized by The People’s Campaign for Parole Justice, a grassroots campaign backed by nearly 300 groups across New York State advocating for passage of the “Elder Parole and Fair & Timely Parole” bills, as well as a fair and fully staffed Parole Board.

An analysis reveals that a white person in a New York prison is significantly more likely on average to be released on parole than a Black or Latinx person. Data spanning from October 2018 through October 2020 shows the Parole Board granted parole release to 41% of white people, compared to 34% of Black people and 33% of Latinx people.