Some of the Trump traces and menacing memories we welcome, particularly when they are favorable to our indictment of him. The recent decision by the Supreme Court that will allow prosecutors access to his tax returns and other business shenanigans gets a booming hooray with the hope that he is eventually convicted.

The Court has dressed him down and decided that he is not above the law, a decision that should have been rendered when it might have had greater consequence on the political, economic, and health crisis we are currently enduring.

One other headline story reminds us of Trump’s deficiencies, his failures to deal with a pressing issue is that we are on the brink of recording the 500,000 death from the coronavirus, many of whom would still be with us had the Trump administration given its full attention of prevention and medical resolve.

A half million lives lost to the virus is staggering. According to Dr. Fauci, the number of deaths from COVID-19 exceeds the combined fatalities during three major wars, and if it continues to mount could very well pass the 675,000 or so lives that perished during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-19.

Trump fumbled and dropped the ball so many times that we lost count, but it’s impossible to forget the citizens victimized, unnecessarily in many instances, because of the disregard, the anti-scientific stance of the Trump administration.

Yes, Trump escaped a second impeachment, but with Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance rearmed and Attorney General Letitia James waiting her turn, there’s a good chance the wily wizard of our worst nightmares will get his comeuppance. Although a conviction on any of the charges pale in comparison to the misdeeds he delivered during his four years in office.

Trump, Trump, Trump that’s the sound of the marching opponents and the prosecutors who are prepared to follow up on the Court’s decision that he is not above the law and could very well find himself buried beneath it.