This is a month of opportunity, investments, and building a solid foundation if you’re in the beginning stages. If not, set the tone in your foundation to expand your circles to do business cross-country as well as in-state networking. It’s much better to have multiple streams of income and connections. That’s why networking is an essential part of your social skills. You may encounter a few stumbling blocks on the way to reaching your goal, which is normal when you’re climbing the ladder, forming a team, accomplishing your dreams. This week, if anything is disturbing or disrupting your peace, like Uranus in Taurus within your environment, it’s best to free yourself than to hold on. Being willing to love yourself as long as you know your others’ truth can suggest what they think about you. Do for yourself! “What we think, we become.” Buddha

Capricorn: A particular predicament strikes again for a healthier circumstance. When the situation arises, remember your perspective and your attitude toward the case are vitally important for your mental abilities, which then filters down emotionally, physically and spiritually. There’s always a different way to solve a problem. Have no expectations going in, and know you’re doing your best to keep your faith alive through difficult and unprecedented times. “Every moment is a fresh beginning.” T.S. Eliot

Aquarius: Information flows through the airways, be it radio, TV, podcasts or other social media platforms, reaching the higher-ups’ ears and leaving a strong impression. Now that they heard the message, they want to know who you are, what you do, where you’re at, and why you chose your profession. The situation that comes out of the blue sometimes is best to develop an opportunity you dreamed of having, now that it’s a reality. The decision to proceed is up to you. Review the details before you say yes or no. “Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso

Pisces: Happy solar return, Pisces. It’s time to dive into deep waters to explore all the land and sea’s unique treasures. If you have a ready project, you may want to do a pre-order, give a sneak peek of what you have been working on, or even silently release the product or service on the fly. Information will be coming in from all four directions, so it’s best to research the input you received from family, friends, and your community before spreading the word. If you don’t have any product or service, continue to water your projects and ideas to see growth by September. “Whatever you do, do it well.” Walt Disney

Aries: Are you finally ready to call it quits rather than let it change your attitude, behavior, lifestyle, home or profession? Relationships from the past, even memories, debts and obligations, could resurface on the screen. You may hear of unexpected news of someone’s demise or separation this week pertaining to your affairs. The atmosphere is a bit different this week, so a little caution is advised. Be wise, listen carefully, and leave your emotions at the door. You may want to wash your hands and face to refresh yourself for a better outcome. “Tough times never last but tough people do.” Robert H. Schiuller

Taurus: An easygoing week with a bit of flexibility and feeling free are indicated. A phenomenal time is ahead to learn a trade, play an instrument, take a new course or side gig, and brighten up your appearance by changing the colors you wear. Something simple as a haircut, rearranging the furniture will help shift the energy. Are you thinking about relocating or changing your mind about a current relationship that you’ve outgrown? When changes occur, go with the flow expecting an understanding to expand what you already know. A fair exchange of advice or a helping hand within your community or a friend will prompt an idea or give a clue to your current projects. “Have enough courage to start and enough to finish.” Jessica N.S. Yourko

Gemini: When the sky clears the fog, the sun shines better and you, symbolically the birds, soar high through the air roaming free, under no rules or restrictions and living as you please. We all have free will to do as we please, which is the energy you prefer. There’re different routes to take when traveling to your destination, so it’s the same way you live your life. Be clear on your intentions and understand that the choices you make reveal the outcome. Just know if it’s not feeling, smelling and looking right, you can change the course at any moment by changing your perspective and mindset. “Determine your priorities and focus on them.” Ellen Mc Dargh

Cancer: Change is always inevitable throughout life. How you assert yourself or change your ways while tearing down old walls built on past behavior patterns are the results. This month step out on faith and release any issues about matters of the heart. In life, we go through ups and downs that help change the way we think, the way we eat, even our direction of life. Something as simple as changing your career or major in the school of life may be just what you need. Make the change while setting the stage for a new beginning. “What consumes your mind controls your life.” Unknown

Leo: Sometimes, we close off areas of our life that block the opening of new beginnings. New adventures are happening and carrying dead weight around won’t help at all. Please do yourself a favor, let it go, and move on while allowing your chakras to open up and release what no longer serves a purpose in your life. Say to yourself. . .this is about me. Allow the light within to restore what you want to bear fruit. Open your heart to new ideas. You are the captain of your ship, your soul, and the master of your fate. Take the initiative. Why wait when you can sail away discovering new sights to see. “And still, I rise.” Maya Angelou

Virgo: Just like the good all days, sitting on the back of an open trunk, on a porch, or the bench at the park, waiting and watching life from a different perspective via watching the animals and other creatures of life. Ants have a unique way of coming together by leading with team force. If you sprinkle crumbs on the ground, the ants will help each other take home the food. It’s like building a bridge from the bottom up, helping each one on their shoulders until they reach the top. The ants are then pulling each one up, one by one—something we can learn from ants is how to come together collectively in a positive way for constructive unity. “Strive for greatness.” Lebron James

Libra: The way you operate your home and your workspace may be different from others. People always have something to say, so why not give them something to talk about while continuing to do you? Don’t change anything about yourself due to others’ opinions. Change when you feel the need to change. Some form of rewards and recognition of your due diligence is noticed from a client, parent, sibling, or people you meet and work alongside. Just know you’re doing the work, keeping smiles on peoples’ faces with a generous heart. “The time is alright right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Scorpio: If you can’t handle a situation, seek help before you overwhelm yourself. How do you address a separation or unresolved issue within the home that requires immediate attention? This is also a financial month to gain a career upgrade or change in your profession. Any obligations from the past that need to be reconciled to move forward give you the keys to unlock doors that were once closed. Make a list of things you need to tackle and by the end of next month, you’ll have completed 2 to 4 items off the list. You have to apply yourself, and it will happen. “A happy soul is the best shield for a cruel world.” Atticus

Sagittarius: Are you looking for space for a venue or continuing to do online activities for now? If you have any running leaks in your home, fix it now, or it could be someone with loose lips that sink ships that you share your plans and information. Otherwise, do you want a new group or platform where you can exchange information? With like-minded souls and like-minded individuals helping with fresh insight, they can open your eyes to new ways of delegating your work. “The meaning of life is to give life meaning.” Ken Hudgins