New data reveals that qualified Black women are 58% less likely to be hired for a government job than their white male counterparts, according to new research from, the leading public sector job board.

Based on an analysis of over 17 million applications over a two-year time period, the data identifies disparities throughout the hiring process by race, ethnicity and gender. The goal of the report is to increase awareness of the inequities and spur change.

While diverse candidates are well-represented in government, the “2021 Diversity in Public Sector Hiring Report” reveals that Black candidates must apply at a significantly higher rate than any other racial group to maintain that representation. Despite constituting 28% of applications, only 18% of public sector hires are Black.

The most significant drop-off is prior to the interview stage. Black women who are qualified for positions were 39% less likely to be offered an interview than their white male counterparts.