Are you changing your ways to better yourself, or are you complaining about finding yourself in the same-o, same-o, situation, receiving the same result differently? You have to get over yourself and get out of your way if you want to manifest your reality. Put yourself on a schedule for a daily task to complete. You’ll get more done around the house, in work, along with other things you want to accomplish. The stellium in fixed sign Taurus plus the Moon in Scorpio, Saturn in Aquarius, this T square, and another aspect moon opposite Uranus triggers your emotions, patiently working your way out of something to breakthrough to transform yourself to take a quantum leap. Commit to some boundaries and limitations to accomplish the outcome you desire. Don’t be afraid to let go to set yourself free. If it doesn’t make you happy, stop holding on. Get uncomfortable to get comfortable.

Capricorn: How you start is in direct correlation to how you finished this month. What did you do within the first week of April? Things will come to light by the end of the month between the 27th and 30th. Financially, it would be fantastic while networking to start anew. If you had a prior project you’ve invested in this week, some form of remuneration is on the way. The planetary stellium in Taurus (the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus) will trine the Earth signs, depending on your degree and Sun progression, showing you a blessing in disguise. Locate in your chart what house Scorpio and Taurus reside in to clarify the upcoming full Moon transit.

Aquarius: The theme for the year is to let it go. As time goes by, people and other things change along with their personality, spiritually, emotionally, and globally to allow a transformation process to begin. With Saturn in your sign creating a T-square with the Sun and the Moon, learn new concepts, develop or take a refresher course, and implement new strategies within your profession and areas that need a makeover. In addition relocating, investing, also cutting ties with anyone or anything to commit yourself to a routine, sets the tone of the day, the week, or month with a secure foundation leading to happiness. You can’t help everyone that crosses your path; remember, you and people have boundaries.

Pisces: If you have a situation that needs professional advice or need to seek someone who influences your life for clarity, this is the cycle to do so. Listen to your inner voice and honor your feelings. Something deep inside is making you speak your truth with compassion. A splash of self-discovery, reflecting on the past revise you to take a look within, may reveal the truth about yourself or a matter that brings you to evolve to your higher self, committed to working on a task with a zeal of ideas to incorporate. Don’t lock yourself into fear or imprison yourself with your ideas from limited thinking. Take charge of whatever you feel is holding you back.

Aries: Sometimes, it’s great to reflect on past experiences that brought you joy and grief. It’s in those bittersweet moments that a spark of inspiration shines through, allowing you to transform into a better person. Remember, it’s the good times that will enable you to make positive, constructive use to fulfill your mission, encouraging you on your journey to keep going. Perhaps a message from the divine creator is guiding you on the inside to reflect the outer you, and if you feel your mood is unusually reflective, it’s your best friend for insight to nudging you on your quest towards greatness in your life.

Taurus: Time management is required for BALANCE to smoothly operate your work, the home, and other domestic duties. Take some time out for yourself and go for a walk or jog in the park, spending time in nature to enjoy life. Include reading a good book in your home or backyard. You will need solitude, meditation, and physical exercises to relinquish what’s required to advance you to the next level and reduce anxiety or stress on the mind, body, and spirit.

Gemini: What changes are you willing to admit, or acknowledge to improve your circumstances now? Although you have talent in writing, communications, voice impersonations, and physical strength, your ability to be multi-talented also assists in problem-solving. What problem-solving within your home, marriage, relationship within yourself and family, are striving to improvise for a better bond that brings happiness within your heart. The past is the past, and there’s no do-over. However, you can make the change now that’ll make a difference in your life by redirecting your mindset.

Cancer: Mars, the planet of activity, will be in Cancer in a grand water trine to assist you in relationship matters and challenges within the home or work, like taking baby steps in your affairs to make adjustments. Financially, you need to be on a budget and review what resources are coming in and going out. Roll up your sleeves and commit yourself. Also, this is an excellent time to revamp your dietary laws and daily regimen. It’s time to facilitate your body in motion to include yoga, meditation, and exercises to raise your vibration and be more optimistic in your decision-making.

Leo: Your mood swings may have been off the chart last week, opening your eyes to recognize areas you need to reconstruct yourself. A window of opportunity approaches, suggesting you seized the moment, and just because someone offered a prospect doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you as some opportunities may have a hidden agenda. Before you shake hands, sign on the dotted line, converse and review all paperwork before proceeding. Make sure the deal you agree upon is for your higher self-assisting you in your evolution process.

Virgo: This month may feel like a tug of war with your ideas, plans, and responsibilities pulling you in many directions as if you’re at a pivotal point in your life. Choose what’s in your best interest and take a quantum leap in life for the betterment of yourself. All you have to do is change your perspective, similar to ending a relationship or partnership that no longer serves a purpose that has run its course. Look on the bright side. You’ll always win and sometimes lose, so choose the route to travel on as you are in the driver’s seat, seeing the view ahead.

Libra: Whatever’s in your spirit this week is quietly forming a dialogue in your mind. You either need to express how you feel, or people will continue to leave their imprints and ideas on you. How does that make you feel? This month, your beauty is flawless as well as your appearance. However, if you mean to say no, then say no or suffer the consequences of the toll it’ll have on you. As long as you allow people to do as they please, the results won’t change. If you want to change, you have to create the change. It is that simple.

Scorpio: There is a stellium in Taurus creating a T- square with the Full Moon in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius, bringing intensity to your affairs. A grand water trine will assist in pulling you out of emotional circumstances for the better to advancing you in your due diligence; a grand trine also makes you squander. Sometimes you have to catch people off guard, put your foot down, state your facts, and mean what you say and close that door. Things will come to the surface as you maneuver in a new direction, changing your life course. You have to stop opening the door to others who don’t want to change, thus dumping their dirty laundry on you. If it doesn’t smell or sound right, it’s not conducive to you, so don’t invite the devil to your home.

Sagittarius: Information comes quickly within minutes through the grapevine. The information received could be of people, within your associates, colleagues, and other people you may know. This week, exhibit or commit to a course of study to help others on their journey. Take extra time to read and honor your feelings. This is the week to go the extra mile to help others along the way. Take spare time to read, but more importantly, rest and respect your feelings.

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