With primary season near, and in the first year of ranked choice voting, labor union endorsements could hold more weight than normal.

And union endorsements are all over the place.

A plethora of choices for mayor has left unions playing a game of eenie meenie miney mo.

UAW Region 9A endorsed New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer for mayor citing his desire for complete changes over small victories.

“New York City’s working families need a champion in City Hall, and Scott Stringer will be that champion,” stated Beverley Brakeman, regional director of UAW Region 9A. “Throughout his career, he has consistently fought to make this city more just, and he has the plans and skills to bring the progressive change we need from the next mayor. We can’t afford a mayoral agenda of incrementalism.”

“From factories and car repair bays, to museums and non-profits, to courtrooms and classrooms and laboratories, these hard-working New Yorkers are on the front lines of the tough fights — for better working conditions, for social justice, and for a fairer city,’ added Stringer.

One union decided that one candidate wasn’t enough.

The Freelancer’s Union couldn’t pick just one of the candidates. The union endorsed both Andrew Yang and Maya Wiley for mayor. Freelancer’s Union President Rafael Espinal said that both candidates presented agendas his union loved so they put their eggs in two baskets.

“These candidates clearly understand that the economy isn’t going back to the employer/employee model that dominated the 20th century and empathize with the lack of stability and security that gig, temporary, and contract workers experience every day,” stated Espinal. “Fortunately, they have solutions. Both candidates have listened to our concerns and worked to come up with smart plans to address issues at the forefront for independent workers, which include health care, retirement, and wage security.”

Yang said that he would create “freelancers hubs” in all five boroughs so independent workers have a place to get together.

 Not many people know this, but I was a freelancer, getting my start selling cutlery door-to-door and I also freelanced as a nightlife promoter and tutor,” said Yang. “As mayor, my administration will be committed to giving New York’s independent workers a fair shake.”

Wiley also touted her indie worker bona fides when accepting her endorsement.

“Independent workers are such an important part of our economy and have played a critical role in keeping New York City running throughout the COVID-19 crisis,” stated Wiley. “As a former freelancer, I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Freelancers Union and look forward to fighting alongside them to advocate for wage parity and workplace protections so that all independent workers can live with dignity.”

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams’ history with law enforcement has delivered him several nominations for mayor. The latest one comes from the Uniformed Fire Officers Association Endorsement (UFOA) endorsing him. Union president Jake Lemonda brought up Adams history in uniform specifically as a reason for choosing

“After careful consideration, the UFOA Executive Board unanimously endorsed Eric Adams,” Lemonda. “Being born and raised in New York City and patrolling the streets of the city as a uniformed member of the NYPD, it is evident that Eric Adams is the right choice to lead the city out of these trying times.”

Adams brought up the people who still went to work during the pandemic and praised those who were out still serving the public.

“We cannot forget what our frontline workers did for this city during COVID,” stated Adams. “We can never forget it. Once again, they stepped up in the darkest moment and kept us safe. And they did it with the blue-collar spirit of hard working New Yorkers. They show up. They do their job. These are the people that keep New York going––every single day.”