Create, don’t hate. Love is much, much healthier. It’s a healing tool that’ll have you lost for words trying to describe the feeling. It helps to have a fantastic attitude about life and the way you love yourself. Everyone and everything needs this touch of love. Love comes in all forms; emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, even sexually. Even through conversations and vibrations, words can touch the heartstrings of love. Do you want a taste of love? Love starts with yourself first then, it becomes contagious and spreads like the wind. “Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible––it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment and offer you more joy than any material possession could.” Barbara de Angelis

Capricorn: Be motivated to explore other avenues you thought about in the past, now that it seems like a great time to engage yourself in that particular arena. Exciting opportunities are on the horizon so immerse yourself within your specific craft, profession, etc., networking to be creative in your endeavors. May will be a month that hints at some form of higher education and learning. Like a new tool, you add to your repertoire. Take a risk and pursue your dreams, maybe even in the sense of becoming a teacher, writer, travel agent, psychologist, etc. It’s a great time to take the restraints off and explore the possibilities of life.

Aquarius: April enhances your ability to be structured in your daily affairs and keep the things that are taking up too much of your time to a minimum. May brings possible travel and information to your doorstep, along with the opportunity to explore and share your knowledge with others. During the first week of May, your home and work are finally coming together like the last piece to the puzzle, creating a mosaic. Also, remember one thing: don’t leave the house in just any fashion. Spruce up your appearance even if you don’t feel like it when going out, even just to the nearest store. You never know who you may meet. Suppose you stay ready; you never have to worry about being prepared.

Pisces: When the air blows, the winds get more robust as it’s delivering a message to you from above. Sit in silence and listen to the sound of the wind closely, intensely. Reflect as you go within to gain insight into your life and the next adventure. Break free from the rut, especially from others wanting to dump their agenda on you. Now, you can listen to all you want; however, less is best. Otherwise, make a beeline to the nearest exit and continue your schedule.

Aries: Relationships are not always easy to be in the areas of love, personal, or business. Most relationships have ups and downs, yet what you learn from these experiences will teach you a valuable lesson. Sometimes we know the hard way. Being honest is the key if you want respect. You respect them, and they respect you. Simple. No need to talk anyone into something they do not want to do. Would you like that done to you? Address your issues first before you help someone else or blame others for your downfall. Cheer up, Aries.

Taurus: The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus are all in your sign smiling down on you now. Also, the Sun and Uranus conjunct at 10° on April 30, bringing you unexpected conversations, financial gains, a revealing new course, and those traveling on a spiritual journey. You may even meet someone of an influential nature along the way. If you go within, you’ll find the answers, and some may show up in the form of a message, mail, conversation, or sudden meeting. The things you don’t see coming are how the universe works to answer your prays in divine order.

Gemini: With all the commotion and mixed signals, you’re maybe receiving calls getting to the heart of the matter. But it’s to resolve family issues, balance work, and bond friendships of misunderstanding. The thing is to do your job of clearing up any unfinished projects while networking with your upcoming projects. Utilize this week for self-realization and reflection on your previous actions in your life that brought you to this moment while maneuvering from A to B. Leave the drama where it is at the moment to have peace of mind.

Cancer: The recent grand trine in the water element with the Moon, Neptune, and Mars assisting in your emotional department urges you to abstain from any redundant behavior. Work towards those passions that drive you every morning and bring a smile to your face. As you read this, smile for all the things that make you happy, whether cooking, traveling, inventing, gardening, etc. As you find yourself at an inevitable epiphany, understand why that situation is re-appearing in your life. Ask, and the universe will guide you.

Leo: Welcome to the New World of a roundtable discussion of the meeting of the minds. Everyone has different approaches; that’s why roundtable discussion has each unique individual sharing their experiences. However, some may or may not relate; however, take what resonates even if it is just one word or a quote. It’s a great week for writing, traveling, publishing, networking, or tuning in to a global conversation. Take precautions this month, be patient, have a discerning eye for details until the up and in air situations clear from slow to rapid paste.

Virgo: Adaptability has its pros and cons; however, it’s how you adjust to the changes you’ve been seeking. The unknown factor seems like the beginner’s stage of basketball 101. This will open your door, so navigate the path being present to you from the inside. Seek, and you shall discover the unique tools within your life on a different level or aspect. Self-discovery is the best discovery to happiness and understanding. Once that’s accomplished, you can quickly move on from there with the greatest of ease.

Libra: At times, you don’t realize you’re sitting on a gold mine until someone comes along to guide you, sharpening your tools to dig a bit deeper. Go down the rabbit hole and see what resources bring insight to your theory, project, or study. Sometimes it takes years to understand as things evolve every day that include what’s to come. Grab a shovel, glasses and start digging up leads to your next source—an excellent period for any artistic work.

Scorpio: Start the last few days of April, going in to May, on the right track. Do what’s in your best interest because not everyone will agree on the decision you make. That’s why it isn’t for them to understand as-is for you to follow your heart and understand the bigger picture. (You, yes, you). Increase your water intake the first week of May due to digestive matters that may be a little bit sensitive, which can cause an upset stomach. Cut back on fried food, plus sweets but be sure to include more whole-grain, fruits, vegetables, and salad to energize the body. Try fasting one day also to include in your exercise regiment.

Sagittarius: What is the message, call to action, or game plan for the final preparation of the project? With discipline and sticking to a routine will help yield the best results. As you’re your first test to your Creation, seek others like your friends, family to test for feedback. An enlightened conversation with like-minded individuals and souls may spark a new idea in your mind to create a new project while just a specific word. Allow this week to be a getaway to release your mind since you’ve been steady as a rock with finishing up projects and not missing a beat. Catnaps are helpful to recharge your energy, allowing new information to channel through when you’re at rest.