If you’re ready for a change or makeover in your lifestyle, then the transformation of preparation starts now with the upcoming New Moon in Taurus on May 11. The Moon will conjunct the Sun aiding you to be centered within yourself and home matters. The Moon also trines Pluto and sextile Neptune to imagine, believe, receive, and release; becoming aware so we’re good to will our desire into existence. Mars will sextile Uranus disturbing your mood, invading your mind with new ideas to innovate and invent. Besides, it’s best to rearrange or go for a drive to a different environment to clear your mind. Pluto is in retrograde from April 27th through October 5th starting at 26°, and ending at 24°, so get a jumpstart on your finances, home, or personal relationships that need a review. Let go, renew, create a fresh, clean slate, and complete a project you started. Along the way, declutter and restructure your affairs.

Capricorn: Learning can be fun, refreshing, and inspiring to put things to the test or bring meaning to what you already know. Knowledge can raise your vibration and it is a tool to be utilized which is a powerful weapon to be equipped with. Infuse yourself, go on a trip somewhere new, or visit a new place. Start something new to engage yourself with the feeling of the newness that brings joy to your heart. It’s time for an adventure. Are you ready to accept change while opening your heart and doors for the blessings that are soon approaching while at the same time also self-aware of the benefit of patience?

Aquarius: Have you thought about your career opportunities as one door closes and another one opens? This could be your perception of how you view life as well. Are you having second thoughts about a move, a change, redoing a project? Imagine holding a picture upside down to redirect your energy to point out the things you’ve missed from doing the same-old same-old usual routine. What new, inventive ideas coming along now are telling you to act or at least write down the details for a later project and create something meaningful? The GOD within is communicating to you mentally and spiritually, so listen deeply in silence if you want to find the answer.

Pisces: Keep the faith no matter what occurs because the divine Creator knows the seen and unseen. Keep walking, studying, praying, imagining, and excelling in what you desire to bring harmony to your life. The Moon will sextile Neptune on May 11th, plus the Sun sextile the Moon on the 12th for you to find or envision the dream. And dreams do come true or at least receive a message of insight from the divine source. Minor conflict with women could occur, so less is best. Did I mention opportunities may appear suddenly, if not too much down the road if you apply yourself, do the leg work, and have the will to commit to your plan?

Aries: If you’re in a partnership with someone, listen to each other as you both share great ideas to maneuver in executing a plan. One may lead, bringing to your attention new ideas or ways to implement a strategy. The other one helps bring the project together with all the bells and whistles. So be mindful of who you select as a business partner as both of you need to understand the positions and boundaries you shouldn’t cross. Otherwise, it’s also an excellent time to take a refresher course; or learn new things to include in your business affairs along with networking or social appearances within your community or media sites. Remember, everyone is instrumental, so your life will bring certain qualities of a harmonious nature to the table.

Taurus: Can you say feelings get the blessings? It’s that touch of faith that brings the light of information, thus satisfying your situation with clarity. Do rest up as your imagination may want to empower you with a clear vision and insight into what you seek. With Uranus at (11°) plus the Sun in Taurus at (22°) and if your Sun and Moon are at this degree, plus or minus 5, then you’ll feel more excitement in the sense of meeting unique individuals and making a mark in your independent way and growth. Be true to yourself if nothing else now.

Gemini: Mercury trines Saturn on May 12th, also the Moon conjuncts Venus, then the Moon conjunct Mercury the next afternoon, making for clear and concise decisions before acting on a plan, study, or attending any work that needs your concentration. Seek all favors or advice from influential women in your life to bring your awareness to the things you can improve on. Listen before you speak, as your mind is full of creative ideas. Get them now before you forget them.

Cancer: Mars will sextile Uranus on May 11th, challenging you to change up your routine, rearrange the home, and start giving more self-love to your body. We always decorate the home with plants and flowers; however, how are you cleaning the house within you? What are you feeding your body? Are you cleansing your body with the proper diet, vitamins, and supplements needed? Check the mirror in your bathroom symbolically. Is it foggy, or is it clear enough to see yourself? Is the light dull in your home, or do you need to open the shades or open the windows in the house to let fresh air inside? Your quality of life is linked to your breath. Inhale and exhale more deeply now.

Leo: The pace seems to be picking up, and so are your feelings with a hint of sensitivity to other’s feelings with a sudden twist of the turn in your relationship. This may require more of you to pay close attention to details and what you hear and see coming your way. Don’t be surprised that Uranus’ duty is to catch you off guard. If you knew everything about life, it wouldn’t be as much fun in an adventure as you like to be at times. This time the spur of the moment has you lost for words and the jokes on you. How are you feeling now?

Virgo: Big wheels keep on Rollin as your resources steadily climb to the top. That is due to your heart’s dedication, and if your Sun sign is within 11° or plus or minus, the Sun and Uranus will trine and may shower you with unexpected gifts arriving at your doorstep. With Mars in Cancer, it sextiles the energy with a kiss and a hug to extend your rewards a few weeks later if you don’t squander nor give up. You’ll make this look easy. No one knows how much time, work, sweat, and effort you put into making it happen.

Libra: With Uranus in Taurus, there’s no rush on any significant project that may cause friction in the end. Instead, review your materials to implement and convey your message with clear directions and understanding. Relinquish those unwanted thoughts that cloud your judgment which may change the way you feel. Instead, please give it a dose of your medicine to laugh at it, then gain a new perspective to clear the nonsense. You have a purpose with a dream that will lead you the right way if you believe you can.

Scorpio: If you want to change, exercise the power of imagination to give you hope. Imagine every day or when these thoughts come to mind. Please do it for at least seven days straight, then again for another seven days, then repeat the process. It’s a phenomenal week for the exciting games, family, and friends and breaking the ice on any situation they may have occurred. Allow your mind to run free of clutterness and cleanse what’s holding you hostage within your thoughts. Smile, and do what you love to do. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Now beat your feet to your rhythm of the drums to move on to what you want to do.

Sagittarius: A breathtaking week that takes your breath away by the volume of information received, in addition to coaching, teaching, using the power of suggestion. Or be an advocate in your community to ride this wave of transparency. Respect your space and others as you would like the same with them. Carefully listen to the information or questions being asked of you before speaking on the subject. Unwind with a body massage to alleviate tension in your body. Remember to love, honor, yourself first and foremost.

Copyright Kya French 2021