Deviled eggs (304309)
Credit: Kysha Harris photo

Thoughtfully crafted by Chef Rasheeda Purdie, the cherry blossom ramen dining experience was like none I have ever had. Three courses of creative magic and a lesson in slowing down and enjoying every moment of the experience. From unpacking the exceptionally designed packaging and stationery to preparing each dish from the properly prepped and stored elements to eating every damn bite.

DEVILED EGGS––marinated egg white with miso and Kewpie yolk filling topped with wakame seaweed, pickled ginger and crispy shallots

The play of these eggs in the mouth…umami, salt, brine, spice, acid, crunch. My goodness! Set a standard for deviled eggs.

RAMEN––Sun Noodles, mushroom tonkotsu broth, chicken, red cabbage, broccolini, roasted potatoes, fried garlic, sesame, bean sprouts, scallions and shrimp cracker

Ramen is all about that broth and Chef Rasheeda gets it. The instructions on how to assemble the bowl and heat the broth produced a real restaurant experience.

DUMPLINGS––Hanami dango – sweetened rice trio

These were supposed to be on a skewer, but after a quick bite into the mochi and discovering sweet red bean paste, I thought that was one too many steps to my mouth.

TEA––Sakura “cherry blossom” green tea

Perfect, perfect, perfect complement to the hanami dango and an ease back into reality.

Arigatōgozaimashita chef…and thank you girl.