I would like to know, why is Armstrong Williams writing anything with or without a disclaimer. For over 40 years he has been able, and allowed to get away with his rhetoric against anything that we as Black people need. Armstrong is the type of person, that if he can get one person to agree with his rhetoric, he’s done his job. He is dangerous, and only cares about satisfying his white base. There is no place for him in the Amsterdam News.                                                       

I have been reading the Amsterdam News since I was a young child, and I am 69 now. I have seen the damage that Armstrong Williams has done for over 40 years, and for him to be a part of an institutional landmark publication such as the Amsterdam News is unacceptable. “He’s got to go.” There are too many other writers, that are not cooning for the white man, that can fill that space and continue to feed us pertinent information that we need. All he has ever done was tell Black people what we need to do from a white perspective. Again, HE’S GOT TO GO! Thank you.

Eleton Johns, long time Amsterdam News reader