Despite recent controversies, District Council 9 is standing by their man.

This week, the union representing which IUPAT painters and allied trades, endorsed New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer for mayor. According to the union’s political director, Davon Lomax, Stringer will hit the ground running if he’s elected.

“Stringer’s commitment to fixing the city’s crumbling infrastructure will uplift the working class and put our members to work on 21st-century projects at a time when our city needs it most,” stated Lomax. “Scott Stringer was a fighter for our brothers and sisters in labor when he served as New York City’s comptroller, and I am confident he will stand by our side as our mayor.”

According to a recent poll by the firm GQR, and first obtained by POLITICO, Stringer is currently third in a field of mayoral candidates followed by Andrew Yang and Eric Adams. The poll, which was conducted using 500 Democratic voters, marked the first time Adams led the top of a poll. Yang led among the field up to that point.

But Stringer’s numbers could be affected by recent accusations of sexual assault that allegedly took place 20 years ago.

Jean Kim, who allegedly worked for Stringer as an intern, accused him of groping and kissing her and promises of making her a district leader if she kept quiet about the incidents. Stringer denied the allegations and claimed that Kim wasn’t an intern, but a friend who volunteer during his campaign for Public Advocate in 2001.

Elected officials and mayoral candidates have called for Stringer to drop out of the race.

“Moments like these tell you who a person is,” said mayoral candidate Maya Wiley in a statement. “Scott Stringer is responding to a woman bravely coming forward to tell her story of sexual harassment and assault by running a smear campaign against her and attacking another woman for calling his actions out.”

New York State Sen. Jessica Ramos tweeted “This kind of behavior is unacceptable in any workplace and those who have perpetuated such acts must be held accountable for their actions, not given bigger platforms.”

Kim’s lawyer, Patricia Pastor, called for the city’s Department of Investigation to look into the allegations.

But after District Council 9’s endorsement, Stringer looks to be carrying on with his campaign. The comptroller said that he would launch a program called RebuildNYC that would invest in and repair the city’s “crumbling” infrastructure. Members of District Council 9 would be heavily involved in that process.

“The painters don’t just make a project look good—they make sure its bones are strong for the future, and I’m proud to have them in my corner so we can bring the greatest city on earth out of its greatest crisis and make New York City stronger and fairer today and for the future.

“I’ll make sure the painters have a seat at the table, because as they know, the job is only done when the paint is dry.”