The Mercury retrograde shadow is now in effect. Mercury rules communications, schooling, your intellectual ability to receive and respond to others. Mercury will retrograde in its sign of Gemini. As a rule, it can feel like a period of confusion, uncertainty; not seeing the full picture, mind-games, or only seeing, hearing, or reading what you initially thought, leaving you with brain fog or an overload of information. You get the feeling your mind is playing tricks on you. So it’s best to reflect and review all facts before speaking or dialing that number, much less sending a text, to name a few. Direct your steps with the most upright path to be true to yourself rather than to please others, which might only make the situation worse. Do what you love to do!

Capricorn: Any artistic talent in writing, poetry, publishing, music and painting may be in the form of expressing your thoughts along with networking when connecting with others. Information with insight makes it possible to understand a message more clearly and aid you in your affairs. What you put out there is what you rapidly receive at times, while some may take longer to respond. Taking a short trip to remove yourself from your current environment will do wonders; the kind of feeling of awe that brings joy to your life when you step away from the norm. Relatives, colleagues, and friends may play a role in your affairs this week. Don’t be surprised.

Aquarius: When you lend a helping hand to assist someone unconditionally, you end up being rewarded spontaneously or even anonymously to reciprocate the energy in kind. This week has a career change written in the stars, along with a few family gatherings or meetings. Are you thinking about a move, remodeling, redecorating the home, or needing a different wall space within the home? Switch things up, and don’t be shy. Change brings on a new attitude with the right spark to get your affairs going.

Pisces: Where do you drift off to when no one is around? What are you daydreaming? What information is being broadcast and received preparing you for the upcoming circumstances? Go with the flow of life this week without any negative thoughts, fears, or doubts. You’ll be surprised how positive thinking can change the outcome of your reality sooner than you can imagine. Write down what ideas and messages come through. Also, record your dreams since you’re known as the psychic sign in astrology.

Aries: There comes a time when our hearts lead us in one direction and our mind in another. If you want to change, then begin with new expeditions. Think about the future potential and not about the amount of work you must apply. The better your mind and heart are in sync to follow through, the better the results will be, even if it takes two to six months to accomplish the assignment you created. Life is an experiment in finding your true purpose if you make an impact in this world.

Taurus: Happy, glorious solar return. The information we seek it’s often right in front of us, being revealed in some other way, shape, or form. Your objective this week is to get directly to the point. Be in preparation for any long-term goals that require six months to a year to complete, especially those of you considering relocating.

Gemini: Last-minute cancellations or a work termination, perhaps a possible marriage, or a one-on-one relationship due to a new love for a new hobby at a time when things have run their course, giving birth to a new way of life. Life is an adventure, yet it’s no fun if you don’t experience the feeling of living. It’s an excellent time to disengage yourself from the hustle and bustle and spend time in nature. Let go of any habits, places, or people that are no longer needed or serves a purpose because you’ve outgrown them and are ready for a new lease on life.

Cancer: Career, love, and finances, with a touch of a few social appearances, may find you volunteering your services with family, friends, and your community. The key is balance and not overloading your plate by biting off more than you can chew. Implement new strategies in the home, including your personal goals and a scheduled date for completion. Your friends and family may share how excellent your services and products are, which only speaks volumes of your work. When you have a great product, it’s selling itself, and that’s the reward from believing in yourself and taking that quantum leap to invest in yourself.

Leo: Changes are all revolving around you. Life doesn’t quite look the same when you have rose-colored glasses on. Take them off instead and notice how the beauty of life appears much brighter and alive. A lot of changes may take place; as a result, to inspire you to release more. Don’t waste your precious energy on those finicky and fickle people in your life. You need space to roam, to be free with nothing and no one holding you back. It’s time to create a new book filled with the new chapters, outlined with a new perspective on life.

Virgo: Things around the house may need fixing and clearing out areas to make extra room for the workspace or roundtable discussions. Not everybody experiences the closeness you have with ones-self when you take a leap of faith to invest in yourself. Look at how far you’ve come by walking by faith and not by sight seems to work for you when you believe. The only route to take now is the key, moving towards developing new skills and concepts enhancing your goods or services.

Libra: What you envision this week is likely to manifest in due time when your heart is aligned. No one can stop you but you. A new start is underway that can positively affect you and others in ways you can never imagine. Simplifying things makes it easier to flow through your objectives since we all communicate differently. What role you play within your partnership directly correlates to the results you’ll receive.

Scorpio: The past is the past, and you can only share the memories and move on. You must continue to see the vision, leave the question of “how” at rest, and begin to apply yourself. What goals do you want to achieve over the next 30 days? Commit to a regime, and you will see progress in due time. Obstacles are necessary to learn the lessons and teach you to share with others what you know to improve your life and help shape theirs.

Sagittarius: What comes naturally to you does not need proof that you can do it. You know what you know without having all the facts and details to prove or approve it. Questions plus answers are more revealing and in and of themselves seek you to go further down the rabbit hole. Your dreams are likely to be more vivid, giving you a message or a vision about what is forthcoming. Record your visions for reflection later.

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