Photo courtesy of Wilson Marshall PR (304504)

Guess who’s bizzzack?! From the award-winning and critically acclaimed, fast-casual restaurant serving burgers, shakes and good times, the Harlem way…that’s right, Harlem Shake (@harlemshakenyc )…it’s the eighth annual Mr./Miss Harlem Shake contest.

With a whole new battery of fun and dynamic contestants, Harlem Shake customers may vote at the restaurant, 100 West 124 Street on Lenox Avenue, or online,, for the whole month of May. Step in and get their shrimp and grits or the hot mess burger or, my fave, the classic chicken sando.

One deserved Harlem resident has the chance to be a major part of Harlem Shake’s public events and get their picture on the “Wall of Fame” and get their full life with one full year of FREE burgers. The $1,000 winning prize and a $500 donation in their name to a Harlem based charity of their choice is always a great full circle community moment.

Thank you to the reigning Miss Harlem Shake, Kay Angrum, We are looking forward to the next queen or king.