Mercury retrograde in Gemini is now in its shadow phase, practicing techniques such as mental acrobatics, intellectual pursuits, along with a hint of mental fog and a mental reality review. Hey, why not practice enjoying cartwheels with your children and reminiscing of when you were a child? Saturn begins its retrograde on the 23rd and an upcoming Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on the 26th. A suggested reasoning of the mind; a reshuffling of your plans to remix your life. Projects left on the back burner to cool for a while can be resumed and completed by the end of Mercury retrograde. It’s a time to show me rather than tell me. “Om Mani Padme Hum” Sanskrit Mantra

Capricorn: When you reflect on life, it acts as a guide to interpreting your past lesson to learn and improve your quality of life. Be inspired to initiate short-term plans that produce a long-term and tangible outcome. History repeats itself to reconstruct, implement strategies, and concepts to the evolution of humanity. Favorable aspects are upon you to reorganize and regain focus to build a solid foundation in your endeavors. You are emerging into a new phase of existence, leaving the past behind to travel down your unique individual path. Record any flashes of insight along the way as they are helpful in the journey. “Aham Prema” Mantra

Aquarius: The perfect time to revisit any projects pushed aside, especially from the past, can be completed now. However, circumstances require you to be flexible and adaptable. It’s about understanding and accepting the flow of change. Change begins with the acting mind along with a physical commitment to move forward constructively. As for now, it’s about being non-resistant, with the will to want change. “Aham Prema” Mantra

Pisces: Progress is required if you want to look inward to digest and review your trials and tribulations; as a reminder, nothing is achieved without growth. When you solely believe in yourself and your vision, rewards start to present themselves to you. Reputation, commitment, and persistence are a few of the main ingredients to achieve the goal in mind, especially if those goals are honorable and worthwhile. “Aham Prema” Mantra

Aries: Practice, practice, and more practice make perfect. Rapid changes are within arm’s reach at this point, ready for you to open the doors of possibilities and further exploration. This cosmic week requires that you take a deeper look into your character imperfections to be weed out to be concise and straight to the point. It’s about being honest with yourself and others. “Aham Prema” Mantra

Taurus: Self-discovery ignites a transformation within the conscientiousness, relieving you of old habits and patterns, with the hope and expectation of forming a new constructive way to approaching your affairs. Setting milestones with dates helps you to see your progress while on the journey. Quench your thirst with adequate amounts of water to cleanse your body from sluggish activities. Mapping out your goals is the vision and key to further success. Journaling your dreams, thoughts and goals is a recipe for motivation while traveling on your quest. “Aham Prema” Mantra

Gemini: A cosmic cycle of new adventures, love, alliances and opportunities are strongly indicated and showing up in your forecast. A makeover improves your perspective on life, like a fresh new haircut or the feeling of wearing a brand-new outfit that compliments your persona. Incorporating a nutrition regimen, along with physical exercises and study, benefit your personal development. Being spontaneous in life brings a different view of solving problems. Life is a continuum of motion and moving forward. “Aham Prema” Mantra

Cancer: Becoming an expert in any field requires research, study, and experience to support your conclusions. The best investment you can make this week is to invest in yourself. The power of visualization and imagination assists in painting the picture of your ideal partnership, business, home, personal relationships, etc., bringing them to fruition. A question to ask yourself is how well do you know yourself? While revisiting your past brings about discovery of self to heal for the betterment of self-progression. “Aham Prema” Mantra

Leo: Your aura is shining bright, attracting good fortune, and your work ethic No. 1 on the charts. Whether you are an advocate, mentor, or community representative for a cause, the rewards and acknowledgment of your services are in the spotlight. Applaud yourself for the progress and commitments you have made to see exponential growth in your journey. Changes within the home could bring news of a pregnancy, a relocation, or an advancement within the workplace. “Aham Prema” Mantra

Virgo: The time is ripe for a new beginning and setting new goals to form new and unique connections. Think big, produce projects in increments, and outline each section with a projected date of completing the tasks. A positive attitude and a hefty dose of perseverance can assist in reaching your full potentials and dreams. Your passion is the drive that motivates you to hit a grand slam and making historic headlines in your life. All due to your creativity and optimistic attitude to change your life now makes it possible. “Aham Prema” Mantra

Libra: You’re endowed with everything you need to excel in life this week. Life is uncertain yet, a gift to experience. There is no need to sabotage yourself or limit your thinking in any way. Learn from your experiences, go with the current flow of life and act on your plans. Remove all expectations of self and others. Any artistic talent can flourish now and bring enrichment to your emotional wellbeing. End your day with a hug or some other form of self-affection. “Aham Mantra” Mantra

Scorpio: The goal this week is to wake up each morning joyful and thankful with much gratitude. It’s about implementing those small changes that’ll improve your life later. Happiness is a bond to self-love that can enhance your life with less mental exhaustion. Your creativity is your biggest asset now, guiding you to maneuver and be inspired to change with ease. (Let go). Overthinking may cloud your judgment as you reach a pivotal point in your life. Embrace the enlightenment of self-discovery. “Aham Prema” Mantra

Sagittarius: Deep concentration with less distraction in aiding and building a solid foundation is on your cosmic radar this week. Time management is an essential key to open doors within your affairs. It’s like the ritual and routine of brushing your teeth, washing your face every morning, and getting ready for work. Leave room for meditation for peace of mind, but more importantly, carving out precisely what it is you’re in search of at this point. “Aham Prema” Mantra

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