The balance of May can be tricky with Saturn, the planet of maturity and Mercury, ruler of communications joining Pluto in the retrograde cycle this week. It’s in your best interest not to rush into any contractual nature. Check your ATTITUDE before you wreck yourself. Don’t forget to shift gears before turning off your engine, double-checking it’s in Park, not Drive or Neutral. Any negotiations should be met with an open honest heart during retrograde. Be ready at a moment’s notice for any last-minute changes. Due to the intensity of the retrograde influences of Saturn in rebellious Aquarius, and Mercury’s mixed signals, it’s best to think before you speak and act to avoid unintentional misunderstandings. This is not the time to play with fire. Handle legal affairs with delicacy with the pertinent facts. No gossip. “Prove it” is the theme. Mercury retrograde is at home in Gemini.

Capricorn: Saturn, the ruler of your zodiac sign, recently retrograded on the 23rd, shaking up your routine to get structure and stand tall against the odds surrounding you at the moment. Don’t just mentally jump into conversations without clearly knowing your objective in advance. The universe will align you in the proper connection with the right persons as long as you are doing your due diligence. Although opportunities for change and travel are simultaneous, it’s best to be as organized as possible down to the most refined detail—Capricorn style.

Aquarius: Saturn, the original ruler of your sign, suggests it’s not to your advantage to rush into things, not unless you want to start all over again. There may be a matter or two that needs clearing up with someone or something before moving on to the next. Mercury, exalting in your sign in Gemini until the 22nd of July, suggests that when speaking, be specific rather than talking to others in generalities. Somewhere around the last Sunday or the 28th or so looks like the best time to make your moves.

Pisces: With several planets in the heavens taking a stroll in the park during this cycle, it would be wise to pay attention to your pocketbook and related finances now. There may even be the temptation to be extravagant or wasteful if you are not mindful of your spending habits. In the end, it can cost you one hell of a speeding ticket. Near the last Saturday of the month, a relationship from the past may also cross your path. Ask yourself did you leave on a positive or negative note. Please think before you leap into something, much less dealing with it now. Old wounds can trigger certain emotions; the theme is to center yourself.

Aries: Jupiter, in connection with Mercury, suggests not to let arrogance or cockiness get in the way of good common sense regarding your personal or business affairs. Your mind is on fire on a one-track mindset. The word on the streets is to avoid being impatient, making all the difference in the world moving forward. The mirror isn’t only good for appearance; it’s excellent for consulting the reflection you see in the mirror. The last Wednesday of May is a possible “do-over” if you take matters to the extreme. Remember, there’s always a time and a place for things to happen. You may find your horns in the rear.

Taurus: Teamwork with cooperation assisting others in events should not push to the limit if you wish to reach your destination this last week of May. Numerically speaking, in the latter days of May, the moon enters Aquarius which could prove oppositional to your well-developed plans and trips. Wiggle room is needed. Turn on the charm rather than the stubbornness to get the most out of these closing days. In the first week of June, suggest using a selfish approach or attitude toward family, friends, and the community to polish up your projects.

Gemini: Two planets will be in retrograde in your sign of Gemini. The messenger of the Gods is taking a double backspin to review the information discussed to deliver the message to people. Mercury, your ruling planet of communication; Saturn, the planet of time and past; alongside Jupiter, the planet of expansion, may play tricks with your mind, opportunities, and finances. The key is to be flexible like your mutable sign suggests and go with the flow. The final days of May indicate a proactive and optimistic approach will be the best way to offset any negativity that comes your way. The right school of thought will get you far.

Cancer: The cosmic stars indicate to visualize not chasing your desires but instead attracting them to you. Over the next several weeks, take it easy and pray on the matter instead. Additionally, pay close attention to your dreams, hunches, and ideas since one of them may bear fruit to confirm your convictions. Speaking of dreams and goals, do you keep a record of them?

Leo: A makeover of some kind around the home or your appearance is on your mind. It makes sense, especially around the last Friday in May. Follow through on any word or commitment you made to others. After all, isn’t that why you were a Leo in the first place? Avoid being the center of attention; your presence is enough.

Virgo: Be confident even if others think you’re going overboard by mistakenly thinking you’ve suddenly becoming cocky or arrogant. You would be justified rightfully around the 28th and 29th of May. The irony is Mercury, the ruler of your sign, is sending you vibes to relate the message in Virgo style. Be determined to accomplish what you set out to do from jump street. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Libra: The saying, “you can catch more bees with honey,” certainly applies to you this week numerically speaking. The key is to be sweet and receptive by paying attention to the littlest details and equally attentive to the needs of others. Be of help where needed, yet don’t forget to consider yourself. Follow the direction to where your heart is leading you. Avoid being pushy or demanding; instead, soft and sweet are much better.

Scorpio: It appears you’ve found yourself at a crossroads about now; it’s not just a notion or a crazy idea in your head. Your cosmic aspects indicate opportunity of two kinds, yet nothing written in stone since several planets are taking a backspin, causing delays in your schedule. Where communications and contracts of any kind are concerned, it’s crucial not to rush into matters or suddenly become quick-tempered leads to frustration. Signing anything should be done with caution.

Sagittarius: To no fault of your own, numerically speaking, this time of the year finds your sign at the bottom of the bell curve. Particularly in relationships and where money is a concern now. Besides, Jupiter, your planetary ruler, is about to go retrograde on the summer solstice. You are sounding the alarm with a taste of confusion and being overwhelmed. Nothing you can’t dust off your shoulder. Let your objective be to reach for the Sun.

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