Donald Trump (297431)
Former President Donald Trump Credit: Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

America is not a racist country. The GOP is not opposed to voter suppression. And Trump is still the president of the U.S. Which of these are true?

All of them, if you are capable of an extraordinary suspension of belief, and the questions are prompted by a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll that a fourth of the country believes that Trump is the true president.

These are probably the same ones who swear that the insurrection last Jan. 6 was a family reunion, a festive homecoming of patriots and true-believers, and if proven otherwise they would contend that the majority of protesters were lefties attempting to make their “president” look bad. Of course, they would loudly dispute any contention that Trump had anything to do with provoking such a melee.

But back to the first question about racism in America and we’ve been assured that Sen. Tim Scott of S.C. is among those who hold this notion.

Last July, a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed a general improvement in race relations—mainly in the wake of the murder of George Floyd––that change was not the case with Republicans. That poll revealed that in two decades since 2000, there is but a minute of change in how Republicans view of the discrimination against Black Americans. In fact, the white Republicans believe they are more discriminated against.

Yes, our fellow citizens on the right, the election was stolen and you can take that feeling to the grave and Biden will still be in office. You are possessed with a virus of false and fake news and that leaves you incurably attached to a loser now under pursuit by Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance and a grand jury investigating Trump’s business dealings.

And that, dear friends, is not fake news!

Oh, yes, we know a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich, and a ham too, who continues to cry “Witch hunt!”

It’s often a strong indication that the DA has the goods when a grand jury is seated, and the criminal charges we have always suspected could be just around the corner.

Okay, we know, we are still talking about a man who no longer holds any office, but that’s something we’d like to keep in place. By the way, here’s another poll to consider—how many of you think Trump will be indicted, convicted, and sent to the hoosegow?