A power movement is suddenly coming down the pipeline, tapping you on your shoulder and changing the course of your life. What are you willing to change or give up to expand your quality of life? Trust when, and where, your intuition is guiding you. If your current situation doesn’t make sense, perhaps it’s not logical. The truth will surface as the North Node is now 10° in Gemini, which can transform your life suddenly, within a blink of an eye. Whenever there’s confusion between the old and new, deciphering what is true or false, know you’re emerging into a new phase of life. Chiron in Aries is a time to heal, not kill, to form a unique connection with your soul, becoming who you are both spiritually and physically. We all have some issues within our lives. We must acknowledge, accept, and hold ourselves accountable to change for the better. “Om Mani Padme Hum”

Capricorn: Life is an experience. As human beings, those who have respect for animals, nature, people, things, etc. know LOVE is the common denominator to enjoy peace of mind. Begin your June and indulge in your passions that bring excitement to your well-being and others. When emerging from the old uncertainty, difficulty, or challenges that want to control your life, be the goat climbing the mountain, knowing that no weapon formed against you shall prosper when forming new ground. Your inner guidance is showing you the way.

Aquarius: The story someone told you is missing the main ingredient. Ask the right questions to get the correct answers. Conflicts with siblings, friends, and others may crop up where they may try to manipulate you for their benefit. But it’s not going to occur on your watch. Say “No” more often and attend to your most important task to complete projects that bring opportunities. People want your attention only to commit you to a more significant opportunity ahead. Your energy is vitally high; it’s how you exercise it that gets the result at the end of each day.

Pisces: Extending your services to assist others shows dedication and contribution. The result is that your generosity will be rewarded in due time. Pleasure, fun, and exciting opportunities with advancement are now within arm’s reach. Due to the rapid pace, take a moment to breathe deeply. Make necessary adjustments within your dietary and physical regimen. It’s the kickstarter for making progress in sharpening your mental ability.

Aries: Reflect on your life as to what went right or wrong and make the modifications to better your future. What were your motives then as compared to now? News flash, we all make mistakes in life. It’s imperative you learn from your errors, improve your life and not live or dwell in the

past. Chiron in Aries allows you an opportunity to re-establish your image, thus transforming you into a higher version of yourself. Leave behind the old and begin to build and embrace the new to embrace energy coming from within.

Taurus: Circumstances you’ve outgrown are finally on the verge of ending on a good note. It’s time to travel on a quest of your own and go within to seek the answers to your deepest desires. Concentration is the key to unlock and reclaim what was once yours. You are the creator of your life, every second, every minute and hour as you make history in your daily activities. Distraction will only keep you in mediocrity if you let it. It’s time to prioritize your goals now.

Gemini: Your quality of life is determined by how well you are self-educated. If you want to achieve, ask yourself what is your current mindset. What are you doing every day to improve your life? Develop a 3-to-6-month plan with weekly goals to evolve to the next level by taking a minor baby step in your growth. Giving up something allows room for growth. Someone may need you for a helping hand or advice.

Cancer: As the wind blows, make your money quickly before it leaves your hands. Don’t hold on too tight. It’s time to organize your home. Manage your finances and expenses to know where your monies are going. Learning something new every month will only increase your knowledge, wisdom, and skillset. Write out your schedule for the week and eventually each month to keep you on your trajectory.

Leo: Dive into a good book and read for a minimum of 20 minutes a day. Reduce the time you spend on the phone instead, as others will bombard you with their questions, consuming much of your time. Reserve time only for YOU in the waking hours to tidy up any outstanding tasks that need finishing up by noon. Don’t delay any assignments by putting them aside for later. Being organized, structured along with decluttering your space for a more straightforward path, is far better. Too much junk in your area can crowd your thoughts.

Virgo: This year has brought many plans together, beginning a new phase in your life. Your ability to continue making progress to follow your vision leads to growth and the accumulation of more knowledge gain. Your intuition will become heightened and enhanced this month as you apply yourself. Respect your intuition more since it’s more valuable than being intelligent. Keep a pocket notebook to jot down those magnificent ideas. How you utilize your time will determine your outcome. When you’re great at what you do, you become invaluable. You have lots to offer and nothing to lose.

Libra: It’s time to buckle up and apply pressure to the metal. Find the right solution to your problems by removing negative energy from your life. Let go of any preconceived assumptions

blocking you and keeping you stuck in a rut. That’s like the vampire energy trying to suck you dry. The only battle you need to win is the one with yourself. Hold your head high and continue to do your best, even if it means taking baby steps every day.

Scorpio: Change starts with Self first. Be as optimistic as you like while questioning yourself why you do the things you do. Changing your perspective helps you understand yourself and others around you. Notice how your intention shapes your behavior as to how others view you. Watching or reading an autobiography will give you insight into people’s lives, so you can understand the different challenges that people face. Have you ever researched your family history, starting with your mother, and then her mother, etc.? Often stories are told to us that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Sagittarius: Make a connection with friends, prior school mates and family to collaborate on a mission to share knowledge and life’s experience. The quality of information often determines the quality of your work. It’s up to you, and through no fault of your own, it’s time to commit to what you’re passionate about. As a result, it eventually elevates you higher into levels of the unknown. This week, you may see a breakthrough within your creative endeavors. Word-of-mouth and doing favors are also other avenues for you to excel in your profession.

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