Can you hear me? Then, the call suddenly drops. Please slow down; it’s a red light. Why rush? As we travel through Mercury retrograde, impatience, frustration adrenaline kicks with a mandatory crash course participating in PATIENCE. Take caution with any contractual agreements, if possible, postpone until the tail end of June. Follow-up on discussion suggested thanks to Mercury, co-ruler of Virgo, is asking you to double-check your blind spots. Instead of rushing, take a moment of silence to center yourself. Self-discipline is the motivation for the formation to organize your priority for great success. “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” Sanskrit Mantra

Capricorn: Last week was a wait-and-see game. The pace this week is on steroids exploding with marvelous concepts for any existing or new projects. Take the leadership role by heading in a new direction, potentially forming new alliances with great news of advancement possibilities. Surround yourself with positive people who don’t want to hinder your growth. Allow your artistic nature to create and open avenues to heighten your ability to perform unique tasks with a green thumb touch.

Aquarius: Don’t beat around the bush nor waiver from anything you don’t want to do this week. Family and relationship feuds may surface, becoming overwhelming. It’s easier to say No rather than yes this time around. Your schedule now is quite different this month without any hesitation to reorganize your space for comfortability. The nonsense will dissipate after Mercury’s shadow effect fades away the first week of June.

Pisces: The process of close examination is the key to perfect your plan. Things have to make sense to solve the matter at hand. Review any plans and be sure you have all the facts to get your point across. Strive to do your best to see the other person’s perspective as you would want them to see yours. Follow your intuition and take note of your dreams this week. Sketch out an outline of your next endeavors along with a projected date of completion.

Aries: Whatever personal or business matters are up in the air does not sit well with you this week. Applying yourself is much more comfortable with you since you’re action-oriented. Review and re-assess the foundational you’re building. Is it working for you? Respect people’s boundaries as your behavior may be a little off-balance. It’s no excuse not to do better moving forward into the future.

Taurus: Big news is on the way as you may come across new partnerships, scheduled meetings to review the plan. Choose the best opportunities that align with your mission. Obligations from the past want to crowd your space as a reminder to pay up or learn a lesson. Plan a retreat or getaway off your bucket list for mental health and rejuvenation. Resolve family obligations before you start your working day, reducing any distractions that may hinder your ability to perform your daily tasks.

Gemini: Certain skills need someone like you who is multifaceted, sharp on their feet, and quick-witted enough to be an excellent problem solver. Resourceful as you are, and one who loves sharing knowledge, it’s what elevates others to assist them on their journey. You wonder why you’re highly recommended. The New Moon in Gemini, shining a light on the North Node, is a culmination of a cycle to either sink or swim as you step into unknown territory. Take a quantum leap of faith; the old fashion way is outdated now and needs an upgrade.

Cancer: After careful consideration, this week’s theme: your health is the perfect partnership to your wealth. Begin a health regimen and adjust your schedule to put aside the time. An epiphany that has been waiting in the background for seemingly the longest is finally giving you a wake-up call. Hello! Is anyone home? Follow up on signals your body is sending you to address the issue.

Leo: Publishing, marketing along with branding your message, is traveling cross-country through the airwaves. Release any tension of the shoulders and upper back to navigate this fertile week. Why not fertilize the grass to beautify its earthy green color. Include jogging, walking, or other physical activities to keep your energy smooth, peaceful, and in top condition. Don’t mind the noisy neighbors as they’re the neighborhood watchers of the community, especially when traveling on short and long-distance travel in your forecast this month.

Virgo: A come-to-Jesus moment occurs within your partnership, where you discover what hidden talents have been lying dormant. It’s always a mystery as long as you’re willing to travel down the rabbit hole to explore, uncovering classified information that’s useful to society. Discovery comes in many forms, such as dreams, precognitive images, and information that can transform lives through a simple conversation.

Libra: It’s time to bring home the bacon as your plans are entirely in effect, with beneficial rewards forthcoming. As refreshing as the offer, maybe don’t jump the gun too quickly. You just may come across the rabbit who has the gun in the thrill is gone. The end of June is well-suited to see exponential growth within your creation. Faith is the best way to participate when one follows their heart.

Scorpio: Exceptional changes that have been in the queue are ready to refine the course of your journey. What seems like a fork in a road is a new opening-up breaming with electrifying career changes along with your character development. Restore and retain any information that is being communicated to you from different avenues.

Sagittarius: The viva voice tradition is an original which is vital to one’s profession. Isn’t that one way people get to know about you? Capsulate and emphasize your craft which is an excellent source for advancement to higher levels. What is the cosmos repeatedly whispering for you to do? It is a perfect time to gather all your work of art and apply it to a book, screenplay, or product, sharing your expertise and experiences.


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