A sharp awkward twist and turn of events, a story, or a window of opportunity are steaming up. In the ending cycle of Mercury retrograde, a rapid replay of what you didn’t see, hear or feel before will start coming to light. Double-check your pocket for your keys, wallet, money before walking out the door. We all have issues; even with the world health crisis, it’s best to remain calm—no need to panic nor fear. Keep the faith alive, and as people say, “Do You.” He/She said it is irrelevant. Work on self-development with less chatter crowding your space while working in silence. “You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.” Steve Maraboli

Capricorn: Put a plan in motion by June 21. Reflect around December 26, 2019; New Moon in Capricorn may have brought about a single change that impacted your growth. Approaching this Full Moon on June 24, you’ll begin to see progress from then that changes the direction of your life. This week is vital and beneficial to apply the finishing touches on your projects to move forward into the next phase. Start with organizing your personal space for clarity.

Aquarius: A week of compensation for the services you rendered is forthcoming. Social appearance is on the menu this week, be it radio, social media, and other community notices on the radar. Your presence speaks volumes this week. Your aura is bright with glowing skin to compliment you, and people will start shouting, “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine” while passing by. The universe is making a conscious effort to allow the message to flow through because you love what you do effortlessly. The Gods are smiling down on you with many rewards and appreciation in hindsight.

Pisces: Get past distractions and the urge to waste time. Hone in on the quality of your work which is imperative to remain productive. Prepare yourself for an opportunity rather than being unprepared, just like an actor who learns their lines before the audition. Control your mental environment of who allows in your space and manage your resources. Reawaken yourself by building strategies perfecting your craft for a major production.

Aries: When the rubber meets the road, suddenly the car comes to a halt, similar to a vehicle with a flat tire. Within minutes your life becomes upside down. The key is how do you solve the problem and not abandon the situation. Roll up your sleeves and tackle and address any situation within your affairs. A crisis like this makes one rise to the challenge leaving you to discover a new skill that you never knew you had. Change is always radical and unpredictable.

Taurus: It’s time to show up and show out for yourself to shape the direction of your life. Dare yourself to do the unthinkable and create a new project that benefits you. Elevate the information that comes your way before making decisions. Be innovative, create systems that offer a unique perspective making you invaluable and knowledgeable to fix problems from a different perspective. Conversations of relocating, separating, or engagement may find you seeking ways to advance your growth in the stars.

Gemini: Old ways teach you new ways to cultivate your life or within your profession. We can’t control what happens, yet it is the response that determines the course of your life. What makes you happy? All the answers you seek are already inside of you. Focus on organizing the idea to bear fruit to create tangible results. It’s time to head in a different direction. That time is now with the right intentions that will get you far.

Cancer: Breaking down the walls that once were built around secrecy and deception is changing as you are becoming more honest. It takes humility to admit our flaws. Begin with an exceptional action plan built upon consistency to carry out your intent for a better life. What matters now is building a new foundation on loving yourself first before assisting you and not taking advantage—cleaning out the skeletons in your closet aids in a happier, healthier lifestyle too. Everybody needs love. No love is like having no sun in the world grow its finest fruits and veggies.

Leo: Connect the dots by taking a mental trip down your memory lane and create what you want out of life. Without sacrifice, setbacks, or obstacles that from our greatest strength within us to trust the process, Whether it’s your gut instincts or past experiences that teachers you, it’s one of the great lessons. Some form of compensation, rewards or raises from your peers or former workplace is underway. Much gratitude is recommended, and if you thought your aura was glowing at the end of May, it’s elevated more this week. What you put out is what you get.

Virgo: It’s time to set new goals by forming alliances and partnerships. You manage to win the battle with Self by being productive. Self-discipline is an art to perfection in living a successful life. Success is not only built upon how much money you make. It’s your mental determination and will to create your reality within your environment. Being accountable for your actions without excuses is a recipe for a powerful mastermind. (Virgo Style).

Libra: A change of scenery or a well-deserved break from the routine is underway to redirect your focus. Begin your mornings with what you love to do, such as yoga, jogging, reading, etc., as a power source for motivation. Revisit the rules you’ve set in place within your business and personal affair. Double-check your resources and stay on task with upcoming events and due dates. In the later months leading into 2022, everyone will want to be your new best friend.

Scorpio: The end of May brought a new perspective on life within your creative and mental environment. Now, this week is a follow-up to see what progress, effort, and how well you did homework. Homework is not a punishment, yet a tool to being a master in self-education. Revisit your plans and goals by adding new concepts to execute the mission. Block out your schedule for self-time out. Don’t negotiate with yourself; that’ll only create procrastination.

Sagittarius: Success required doing 100% homework with very little rest. Organize and structure your life to what it is you want to achieve while building a solid foundation. Continue to follow your lesson plan to reach your next goal. For balance, incorporate a nutritional and workout program. Everything is connected; that’s why your mental ability is vital to your focus. Continue to create your future. Our life is a timeline of events with ups and downs to better our life and society.

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