Rebirth of A new Nation: On the summer solstice with the residual shadow phase of Mercury in Gemini. Neptune, and Jupiter in Pisces retrograding, is in preparation to add shock to your beliefs, enterprising ideas, and spiritual growth while under a Full Moon in Capricorn, breaking down outdated systems serving as pressure points for the new. Stay alert to Mother Nature’s instantaneous surprises. Break free of past circumstances, that no longer serve a purpose in your life, to transform yourself. Schedule time to center yourself, perhaps with yoga or meditation, and get your body moving with happy feet dancing and grooving to the music. Music is therapy to the soul. Our ancestors sang a song while working for extra strength to get through the day for harmony and peace. Don’t allow frustration, confusion, and self-limitations to stand in your way. Instead, exploit the power of visualization to attract what you want to engulf with the feeling of already seeing yourself in possession of it. “Feeling get the blessing,” Rev Ike, so keep that in mind.

Capricorn: What exciting new establishment that may have occurred last week suddenly brought opportunities to your vocation? Our strength lies in the will once we decide. Only then are you able to realize your talents or special techniques to rise to the occasion? Consider joining a pop-up shop to sell your products or link up on a teachable to teach and share your wisdom with others. Think about what needs renewal in your life to better your growth at this time.

Aquarius: The remainder of June requires balance within your domestic and personal affairs. Make it a point to take the time to pamper yourself. Also, take a well-deserved retreat by planning a trip. Unique projects form in mind first. It’s time to lay out the blueprint to begin the journey. Continue your health regimen and allow your body to rest for peace of mind. Prepare each night for tomorrow’s daily schedule while leaving room for flexibility and doing what needs to be complete.

Pisces: Live in the moment. Allow yourself to let go of all past burdens, worries, and irrelevant scenarios to break through the veil. Be you! Your true divine self. Jupiter has passed the Emerald card in Pisces, giving you a taste of the dish before the main entree. Utilize this time until July 29 to develop your spiritual growth. Neptune and Jupiter will assist in fine-tuning you to open your heart to receive. How you feel about yourself reflects how others will treat you. This week is a great time to release, reflect and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Aries: Reevaluate your plans if you want to stay the course of your schedule. Quiet your chattering mind to connect with your heart to allow it to flow with the change. Finalize any home renovations, family matters, obligations, and anything you value. Create new habits to exercise within your daily practice. Opportunities come when you actively surrender yourself to change when heading in a new direction. Get uncomfortable to be comfortable to weeding out the old ways to develop new ones.

Taurus: There’s an old saying that goes, “youth and wisdom don’t go together.” Your experience will develop your courage and faith for self-development. A friend, relative, or colleague may act as a spiritual guide in your life to enhance your spiritual connections. Public appearances, family obligations, and balancing your work while finding leisure time are in your forecast this week. It promises to bring you exciting excursions along the way. Your wisdom can and will inspire others to initiate change within themselves as well.

Gemini: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is over. However, it now shifts into its shadow’s residue phase. It’s easy for you to talk about it, and now it’s time to see if you can chew gum while walking at the same time. Don’t blow the bubble too big less it burst in your face. That will be the Neptune in Pisces aspect teaching you a lesson. What lessons did you learn in Mercury retrograde? Self-responsibility, integrity, and respect are just a few to mention. Where is your attention now? By paying attention to details and the knowledge of self-gain is what will set you free.

Cancer: Breaking new ground aids in forming more stability within your foundation. An awkward turn of events may back you into a corner, asking you what you will do. Applying yourself is better than pondering the what if. When you change the way you perceive life and even yourself, your energy and focus may change the course correction in your life. Instead of knowing HOW. Do it. You’ll then realize the how is already in the queue waiting for you to activate the print button.

Leo: Self-growth doesn’t just transpire overnight. It takes time, experience, strength, obedience, and perseverance to specialize in your craft or study. Discovery comes in many life forms, similar to a tree planted from the beginning as a seed. An exciting journey may take years to become a skill set as each moment you encounter builds your faith and contributes to your wisdom. Partnerships formed this week are possible foreigners from other countries or other nationalities who are interests in your service.

Virgo: Being sensitive to people’s energy as the spiritual realm may have a message for you to deliver to that being from a loved one. The spiritual realm connects with you through meditative nature or being attuned and receptive to one’s energy. Rev. Ike stated, “feelings get the blessings.” Virgo, you feel you’re in the ether zone manifesting what you put out. Emotions may be running relatively high now.

Libra: Your direct line of approach lies in your attitude. Did you check in with yourself, where last week your emotions were finalizing all the detail ingredients for a particular project in need of completion? Your desire to pursue whatever’s in your heart this week is strongly linked to your managerial style to organize your day with time management and consistency. Your will to succeed is indestructible, like an engine running in a brand-new car. You can move mountains this week when you apply yourself. Give thanks to the God within you for the extra mind power to carry out your mission.

Scorpio: A simple change in the workplace, home, and personal relationship is on the table. Your commitment to follow through on your plans, whether it’s a new job, house, car, education, or simply getting yourself together. You’ll likely have all the energy to do so and if you think you don’t, then take a look in the mirror. Your complexion has a glow of pregnancy that’s flawless on your plum luscious skin like a ripe plum or strawberry. Symbolically or naturally, it’s like giving birth to a new, creative concept so your work will resonate more this week—remember to balance, rest and incorporate boundaries in your lifestyle.

Sagittarius: Radical change involves a massive shift within the home, vocation, and creativity. A week of branding, promoting to home in on your talent is high. There appears to be a higher calling for you to choose the path coming from within. Whatever route you decide will change the outcome of your life as you come to a fork in the road near the 27th. Your courage and determination to be you will uplift your spirit to pursue your dreams and goals while walking into the unknown.

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