July is a month to close your eyes to connect and activate your inner self. If Mercury in Gemini retrograde wasn’t insightful enough, then part 2 of the retrograde cycle has begun as it was in your mother’s womb. Like taking some rain with your sunshine to purge. Take a quantum leap of faith into the unknown. Drivers and passengers on the boats, airplanes, plus trains fasten your seat belt. Those on the ground may sense that Mother Nature is forming new territories. There’s also light at the end of the tunnel. First, you have to release past emotions and beliefs to embrace the undergoing change of the soul. Immerse yourself in nature. Listen to your intuition. Record your dreams and only speak and think optimistic things in your life. Nothing happens if you don’t apply yourself, so keep pushing. Get into the feeling and acting of doing what you want to occur in your life. Remember to visualize, feel, see, hear, touch, smell, and live it in your mind first before revealing itself to you. It’s a time for renewing yourself, perhaps even find yourself crying a river similar to Mother Nature’s storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., to rebirth and make way for a new beginning forthcoming.

Capricorn: You’re an earth sign who needs water to nurture the seeds planted in the ground. This cycle, being a water month, is about believing and seeing in the unknown. The information revealed to you says to acknowledge it while staying the course with less distraction. Organize and tidy up your space to allow your creativity to flow, creating an incredible masterpiece. Utilize what you have in your possession with less spending while reorganizing your home and personal finances.

Aquarius: It’s a time for organizing your home and attending to any business matters such as filling out paperwork, mail, and scheduling your daily tasks, which may make for a heavy load this week. This July, review your inventory, trim the fat on your finances; this month indicates traveling, whether in your mind or physically traveling for work or a retreat. Hearing and listening are the main ingredients to any conversation this month, and if you don’t understand at first, have them repeat it. Chances are, you may reunite with colleagues and family members you haven’t seen in a while. July promises to be a busy month that requires time for self and reflection.

Pisces: Work is calling your name, and the flow of things is picking up. Time management is the key to a healthy fresh start of the day, taking time out for 5-10 minutes to exercise, meditate, dance, yoga, etc. In addition, a well-balanced diet will also add a boost to your immune system. Rewards or recognition are underway, or perhaps someone is showing you their appreciation. July centers around a balance between home, work, and finding time to unwind with your favorite pastime from the mundane daily task. This week dedicate time to the projects you’ve wanted to get off the ground.

Aries: The first week of July creates a new routine making it easier to adjust your schedule. At the moment, everything doesn’t revolve around you and your needs. You have to work with the energy to command what you want now. If you don’t ask or apply yourself, then don’t expect to receive. Travel is indicated this July, be it short or long-distance travel for work and family gatherings. You may even find yourself associating with people of different countries and cultures. Don’t go against the gain with decisions you’ve made. Review and revise for any missing details. Be still, which will prove helpful to regenerate your body, mind, and soul, like hitting the refresh button on your computer. Listen to what your inner voice is telling you this week.

Taurus: It’s time to leave behind the old ways of comfortability to get uncomfortable with Uranus now in Taurus at 13 degrees entering into the unknown. A rapid turn of events may occur to upgrade you on a new path. Change is always significant to build your muscles and strengthen them to direct your steps to keep pushing yourself no matter what. You have to see what you become. Take a moment to write your bucket list of plans, as this week may require you to stand on your own two feet while opening your heart. I know you feel that change is coming from within, slowly turning up the fire in you.

Gemini: Neptune in Pisces wants to utilize your creativity and people skills to uplift your spirits. You must be willing to walk down a new path, leaving your old ways behind. It’s going to be a long process of change that’s overdue. Rest up and tie your shoelaces while pulling your weight. Review your itinerary and details to ensure you have all the essential things packed in your cosmic luggage. If you’re seeking a change, whether it be a new home or environment, start looking in the areas and doing what’s needed to meet your destination. Reassess your spending habits and downsize to invest in you.

Cancer: Your vocation may be attached to incentives that help create a new path in your life and accomplishments, like a new task put on the back burner. One way is changing your mental attitude and approach to health. Cancer, you love to be nurture, pamper, and be treated well. However, don’t neglect your relationships with others who want the same in return. There’s a need to be free from all things and detached for any obligation this week to be. What commitment are you willing to commit yourself to? Write it down, then work on it daily.

Leo: Take a moment to just breathe from the leg work you’re about to weather. It’s for a worthy cause to lay the foundation of something new and exciting. This may be the first piece of art you create that’s dear to your heart. Aim high while working on your schedule, and don’t take any wooden nickels from anyone. Your mission is to complete the task you’ve set out for yourself by your projected date. Others will want to place their views and ways on you to follow, but that will not work.

Virgo: Some people are mentally challenging, yet the challenge is your best friend to pull your coattails to get you where you need to go. This grand slam plan that you’re putting together will be different and diverse, which may cause a bit of controversy. That’s not a problem for you at all. If you don’t like the entrée, there’s more selection on the menu that suits those taste buds. This is about your dreams coming into a reality and the process it takes, and to reach such a destination is worth every copper penny, sweat, and breakthrough in your life. You recognize the game of monopoly to get off the plantation and do for yourself.

Libra: When the tough get going, rainfall appears to cleanse the body temple before the sunshine can heal all. Droughts teach us an invaluable lesson, to start from scratch initiating your resources and strength to recovery. Money can’t buy that part of your life. Life is a never-ending process of a culmination for advancement and beyond. You’ll be rewarded for your due diligence and patience, as you are taught to exercise a different approach to life built on faith and your self-resilience.

Scorpio: The beginning of a new process can be easy, yet a rough start if you’re not familiar with the logistics. There’s no script to life, only the ones you create to lay a firm foundation. Check your forecast to see what’s in your stars. You may not want to be bothered by others due to the time-sensitive nature of work you have to complete. Only your close relatives and friends don’t mind assisting you. As for the others, you have boundaries that can’t be crossed no matter the cause. People will hear it through the grapevine, and that’s fine.

Sagittarius: Who says that change wasn’t significant as you’re constantly seeking ways to develop yourself and sharpen your skillsets and pencils occasionally. Last month was a breakthrough cycle full of new adventures leading to a great experience in new territories. As you continue to seek, you’ll discover the truth and new unique ways to reinvent your craft. By the 9th of July, finances and partnerships are on a jackpot streak. Just watch!

Copyright Kya French 2021