What you give your attention to is what you attract. The kind of music or conversation you engage in can uplift your spirit or put you into a specific mood. Music is the universal language that acknowledges our feelings and struggles. Music tells a story. The lyrics come from inner feelings and personal experiences. When you’re engaging in music, it seeps deep into your subconscious and feelings. Music is the gateway to the spiritual realm, sending out specific frequencies that our ancestors utilized in times of struggle, pain, and happiness to perseverance. Music delivers a message. As a community, how can we collectively produce a song to deliver a message that raises our consciousness, so our spiritual faith and growth are restored through drums, piano, harmonica, flute, dance, singing bowls, or words? “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” Plato

Capricorn: This year may put more strain on your back, arms and shoulders. By including morning stretches, the five rites, walking, or jogging, you can alleviate tensions in your body which aids in sharpening your mental abilities. This is a week to outsource, advertise and market your specialized field while sharing your knowledge. Sort out things around the home, work, even your car to clear your space. Take a deep sigh to release, to let go and refresh your mind. Listening to audiobooks and reading a book for relaxation should do wonders for you.

Aquarius: Exciting new adventures of partnerships that were once forming behind the scenes are now knocking at your door. Spiritually, you may feel or sense something is happening in the stars, placing you in a new position. And you are. Everyone has a unique skill-set to deliver a message, even if it’s preparing a dish or making art, and now you’re on the stage in the spotlight sharing your craft. So share your light with the crowd. Better yet, count your blessings.

Pisces: A word of encouragement and compassion is needed to keep you pushing forward towards your dreams and goals. This month, start a new health regimen as a woman of importance will likely share her story to inspire you to cherish life. Spend time in nature to reflect and connect with mother earth by walking barefoot on the ground, walking on the grass. After taking a shower or bath instead of drying with a towel, allow your body to naturally air dry. In addition, prop your legs up at a 90° angle against the wall while lying on the bed to increase the blood flow in the body.

Aries: What is your dialogue this week to ensure you’re on schedule regarding your duties and responsibilities? Have you incorporated time management as a part of your routine as July will occupy much of your time as far as work is concerned? When was the last time you scheduled a physical for yourself? Review in the past and present where your time and resources are going. This week offers a unique time to take a refresher course to keep you up to date with the rules and regulations of life’s experiences.

Taurus: Pack light this week while checking on your itinerary in anticipation of your travel plans. Engage in meaningful conversations that’ll uplift your spirit higher, even if it’s just one word that encourages you to keep progressing on your quest. A sense of protection and cosmic energies is felt around you to confirm that your guardian angels are ever-present watching over you. Speaking engagements or social media appearances are strongly indicated this week.

Gemini: Create or change a new environment for yourself this week. Meaning change your mental attitude and social environment for the lifestyle you want. How you’re feeling now is likely the way you think. Start by organizing and acknowledging the transformation needed to make the necessary change. Remember, change starts with you. As a result, others will notice you and be willing to assist you on your journey.

Cancer: What a joyous solar return now, Cancer. What are your dreams, goals on your agenda this week? Is it a new partnership, or perhaps a companionship and self-educating yourself to live a better life? Recondition your dietary laws, lifestyles, or habits to feel more upbeat and invigorated. Do what you can to travel to places where you can leave your footprints in the sand while the warmness of the sun energizes your body. Next, step into the waters to be reawakened and renewed.

Leo: This week suggests it may be best to stay under the radar, silence the phone, not answering the door. Reevaluate your life until now and where you see yourself within the next three to six months, even up to a year. Ask yourself what is more important to you now. What do you value the most in life? What you value the most shows up in your monthly expenses, so don’t be surprised.

Virgo: It’s time to organize the file cabinet, rearrange your home and change your wardrobe for your success. Women are of influence, be it mother, a wife, an aunt, or simply a friend that plays a significant role with arranging your scheduling and handling your financial affairs now. Nurture yourself by increasing your water intake, and schedule a body massage and end your night with a warm bath just before bed. Allow quiet time and patience to be a part of your vocabulary as well.

Libra: This cycle is an excellent time to showcase your talent in the limelight and share your wealth of knowledge by promoting a book, making a social appearance, and even networking with your community. Make this a very productive week to double-check your scheduling to avoid overextending yourself. Remove yourself from any gossip or confrontation that may want to drain or exhaust your energy.

Scorpio: There is a call to action to bring forth a balance or peace within the home where you may have to assign everyone to a monthly chore or even clean one room at a time. It’s a week to make the necessary adjustments within your dietary laws and get into the habit of developing a new routine. Make way for something new by sorting the mail, cleaning the closets, and reviewing your finances to trim the fat down. What you don’t utilize anymore, donate them to relatives or a charity. A slight change in your appearance, be it a new hairstyle, make-up, new shoes, will do wonders to complement how you feel.

Sagittarius: This week holds all the making for publishing and putting your work out there, or perhaps even booking a well-deserved vacation. Your workload may be in demand and you may also receive a form of compensation for services rendered this week. Extend a helping hand where possible as an act of kindness and gratitude. This may be the unique and symbolic week where a metamorphosis may bring about a change in the home and your personal development. Sometimes, the unanticipated occurs in life due to the nature of things, similar to mother nature catching you off guard. Getting caught in the rainstorm can be fun.

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