The cycle this week is to develop new interests and a deeper understanding of who you are. A more profound love for Self while learning to have compassion for others is utmost. Questions for yourself may include: “What is my lineage and what part of the world are my ancestors from? Legal matters are arranged or reconciled or disputed. It’s a time where religion is being questioned, as you can learn from all forms of religion since each one shares a unique story. Think before speaking as the truth has and will be revealed, as many things have surfaced before the end of the eclipses Gemini and Sagittarius axis. When seeking the truth and its origin, the answers you seek most are discovered within the history timeline in plain sight. Pieces of symbolism can be found all around the country incorporated inside states, cities, etc. 2020 gave us a vision of clarity while 2021 reveals the facts, seeing what story has been told while evaluating the outcome before making decisions.

Capricorn: There’s a sequence, a pattern, a measurement between a diameter and a circumference, all connected to attain a particular structure and rhythm to keep a constant flow in the universe. It’s time to adjust yourself to a familiar daily routine. This year’s focus is on inner strength and ability, being grounded, ordered, self-motivated, and true to you, and honoring your feelings. Have you prepared the structure of your foundation? What is your reason why? Your purpose and passion are that a constant replay elevates you higher every day to apply yourself to see tangible results.

Aquarius: The slower the process, the more the fundamental keywords “practice” and “patience” are advised. Changes are up in the air regarding your personal and business affairs, giving you moments to rethink it over before concluding. Second, don’t allow your emotions to get the best of you. Calm down, then take a deep sigh and let it all out. Thirdly, focus on your mission and finish applying the meat and potatoes to it all. Write down the vision exactly as you envision it, then get to work, one section at a time.

Pisces: There comes a time where you have to roll up your shirt sleeves and fix your collar. Then, take an honest look at yourself in the mirror and say a prayer before going on stage or doing something unique as you strike out on your own. It’s time to leave the mother’s nest and fly high to forge a new path and methods that’ll build a firm foundation towards you becoming self-reliant. Instead, break away from old-fashioned ways as you go into new concepts and enterprises new ideas similar to an old school remixed to a brand-new school beat. It’s like fresh grapes picked from the vine turning into fine wine. Traveling is indicated, so pack light.

Aries: You may feel renewed and spiritually inclined to change the path of your course this cycle. Investing in self-development courses for your mental environment is beneficial for your health and growth. Walk away from the hustle and bustle society for a day or two to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul, to reawaken your awareness. Your dreams are likely to be more prophetic this week to deliver a message you should take note. Otherwise, it’s time to sharpen your skills by creating new ideas for the next project ahead.

Taurus: Your health is your greatest protection and safe-guards to nurture your daily needs. Start off preparing a ginger tea with lemon, lime, and take a teaspoon of oregano oil to assist in any unsettled feelings in your body. In addition, add cayenne pepper with water, as this would help alleviate any inflammation within the body. As the weather can be a bit unpredictable, so are brisk winds that blow across your back and neck. A pleasurable period to enjoy group discussions that empower you and help guide you in your due diligence.

Gemini: Long-distance travel, long-winded conversations, and virtual meetings are in your forecast with a splash of fun. Schedule a family night after dinner or family day with your immediate family. Reassess your financial inventory as you may need to downsize a bit to save for big-ticket items later for an opportunity. Gossip seems to find you, and it’s best to disregard to focus more on Self. Small talk means keeping it short, sweet, and direct is your best approach this time around, with no longwinded conversation.

Cancer: Financial luck is on your side when you apply yourself to reap the benefits from four months ago. It’s like a cycle with pressure is applied like a cap seal on a jar. It’s an opportunity to extend your service, or as other options become accessible to you, that’s a once-in-a-lifetime offer. Treat yourself to a mentally and electrifying purge in the water or near nature sending electromagnetic pulses to the physical body to commit to oneself to go for the one thing that satisfies your soul and passion.

Leo: A mind twister of a current event of careful planning with a business-like attitude is to make the most of this month. Develop a basic routine and work schedule, including paying yourself first to preserve a secure cash flow for a future investment for a rainy day. Sort out short-term goals to cultivate long-term goals preparing yourself for freedom, adventure, and flexibility next month for putting in the work.

Virgo: Moneymaking conversations, concepts, and events that allow you to showcase your talent while extending your social network are all possible now. It’s your week to turn on the charm and turn up the volume on your confidence radar now. Opportunities to meet beautiful people helping others recognize their potential as you acknowledge yours will prove a benefit. All this brings joy to your heart to know you can help those who need a push in reaching their destination.

Libra: Review your upcoming events and follow up or make a doctor’s appointment as your health is essential. Also, use this period to attend community activities, join group round table discussions, and finish projects left on the back burners that may have been simmering. Finally, it’s time to publish, write a book, and fulfill your dreams as well as share your wisdom.

Scorpio: This week, petty problems, delays, and emotional concerns regarding friends and family matters may arise. Create the atmosphere you want within your mental environment and personal space. People will want to consume much of your valuable time by phone, email, video chat, and other social engagements. Take time out for yourself to renew your spiritual and emotional connection with nature or a retreat to look out for number one. Take a refresher course to learn something new to update you, uplift your spirits, to tap into your passion for creating new concepts leading to successful results.

Sagittarius: An opportunity to focus on self-love and home or community obligations is apparent now. Finding the right balance between family and doing something for yourself is also indicated. Rise to the occasion early to completing tasks proves beneficial to ensure that progress is on time. As you are a fire sign, who loves to share and empower others with your knowledge, it raises people’s awareness. A week to receive and show love and gratitude as others show their appreciation, be it in the form of feedback, offers, or monetary donations and their support.

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