At the recently concluded Olympics in Tokyo, the USA topped the field in medals. Our troops are being withdrawn from the Forever War in Afghanistan. The Senate in a bipartisan vote passed the infrastructure bill with GOP ringleader Mitch McConnell actually commending President Biden. And, oh by the way, Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned, in case you just arrived from a cave.

As so many lawmakers had called for Cuomo to resign, Attorney General James captured his reversal of fortune most appropriately as a “sad chapter for all of New York.”

It is an even sadder day for Cuomo, who wowed the nation with his daily updates on the pandemic. He was so thoroughly informative that there was talk about a presidential run for him. Now he is scrambling to salvage a legacy already in tatters.

His tenure in office has been an ironic mixture of successes and failures, particularly his initiative on pushing through measures to protect those in the workplace from harassment. Increasing the minimum wage, gay rights and education are accomplishments that will be obscured now with this fall from grace.

So, what now for the man who would be king? Will his resignation be enough to waylay impeachment and sundry other misdeeds? For a leader who had answers for so many pressing issues there is now the question of his political fate.

While the public has yet to weigh in on the matter, it appears the curtain has come down on Andrew and possibly ruined the family’s record of achievements.

Oh, there is one other piece of news to report. Damian Williams has been nominated by Biden to lead the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, a first for an African American if confirmed.

He would be perfectly poised to go after Trump the habitual liar and his fraudulent bounty. Now that is an outcome we can cheer without reservations.