Felicia Persaud (26512)
Felicia Persaud

Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, otherwise known as “Death Santis” and “Governor Who,” is so enraptured with morphing into Donald Trump that he is now on to playing the xenophobic ‘Blame The Immigrants’ game.

Florida’s COVID-19 new infection, hospitalization and death tally is soaring daily, mainly because DeSantis, playing God, removed a mask mandate and has, like most members of the Republican Party, followed their pied piper by refusing to seriously push a mask-up and get vaccinated message.

The state is fast approaching three million infections and has surpassed the 40,000-death tally, as new cases soar by over 20,000 daily. Yet, De Santis is fighting parents who want masks in schools and school districts heads who are making a commonsense choice to have a mask mandate.

DeSantis, facing a huge crisis in the Sunshine State, has now decided, like his God Trump, to pull out the red flag of division and make immigrants his scapegoat.

In true Trumpian fashion, DeSantis has gone from blaming the media for “hysteria” over rising hospitalizations to pointing a xenophobic finger at immigrants all the way at the Southern border.

I’m still trying to find the facts to substantiate this racist claim. How are immigrants at the Southern border making largely unvaccinated Floridians sick with COVID-19? To be logical here, it’s 1,953 km between Mexico and Florida. But that’s not stopping Death Santis from going into full Trumpian mode by playing his nativist game.

When all else fails, blame the immigrants––the typical Republican go-to guide for everything.

Here’s Death Santis in action… “You have hundreds of thousands of people pouring across every month. Not only are they letting them through, they’re farming them out all across the country, putting them on planes, putting them on buses. Do you think they’re worrying about COVID for that? Of course not.”

Of course he has no evidence to support this but when has that stopped a Trump-crazed GOPer in full on xenophobic mode? This sure sounds like DeSantis scraping the bottom of the barrel, trying to find a retort after he was slammed by the president for his ridiculous executive order banning mask mandates.

Who else spews fake news without facts and drops nativist bombs? Oh, yes––Death Santis’ mentor!

But the Florida honcho was not done there. Again, without any scientific facts, the Sunshine State’s so-called leader, otherwise known lately as Governor Who, added smarmily: “Whatever variants there are around the world, they’re coming across that Southern border.”

In other words, the “dirty” immigrants coming from those “s-hole” countries are to be blamed for COVID-19 and all its variants in the U.S., Florida and all around the world. That’s really what DeSantis meant.

It’s further insulting, considering the fact that Florida is home to immigrants from all around the world and that De Santis’ own family are immigrants from Italy.

It is time for immigrants and immigrant organizations to start slapping defamation lawsuits on any politician who feels the need to scapegoat immigrants.

Perhaps when they start paying, they will stop the utter disrespect and slander. The lawsuit should begin with Death Santis.

In the meantime, God help Florida!

The writer is publisher of NewsAmericasNow