The evening of August 19, Uranus will join Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in retrograde. Uranus is suddenly disrupting your energy to get uncomfortable with the old ways of doing things. Uranus in Taurus is like a woman giving birth to a baby. Her womb is a vortex to bring forth life and change. A woman’s water breaks and flows like a flood, the cervix opens like a volcanic eruption, her body shakes and quivers like earthquakes, while her tears of joy and pain of birth are strong as a hurricane to bring a unique individual into this world. This world we live in and ground we walk on is vastly changing and breaking down systems with new updates. So take time to breathe, meditate, and take a moment of stillness to center around all this chaos.

Capricorn: This cycle month puts you in the spotlight where wherever you go; you’ll bump into someone or be seen publicly, be it by joining group discussions, traveling, meetings, and/or running errands. Your aura this week is phenomenal, sending off healing, teaching, sharing, counseling vibes, and your glow is pleasantly stunning. People will want to hug and love you. This is finance, work, and networking within your community this week. Health matters of the ears, nose, throat, hips and feet will need special care. Continue to stretch in the morning and before bed, and be proactive in your daily exercises.

Aquarius: Get your house in order and become more organized in your due diligence this week. Prepare a checklist to ensure you complete tasks around the house with an end date. Before leaving home, check for your pocketbook and keys and bring any necessary documents to conduct your business affairs. When you’re together, the flow of things seems to flow much better without waiting. A period of uncertainty means patience is required to retrieve all the intel before proceeding. Take time to listen carefully and review the information when dealing with partnerships to avoid unnecessary miscommunications.

Pisces: New partnerships and promotions are opening doors of new opportunities. It’s a great time to improve your one-on-one relationships, particularly with yourself, to provide the nurturing that’s needs healing. It’s a week to strike out on your own, to follow your passions. When you love what you do, and it’s constantly on your mind every day, go for it. It’s the perfect time to renew yourself for change and get uncomfortable to do things differently that bring satisfaction to your soul.

Aries: When you can dream of looking into the mirror of your soul, the physical will react differently, even shocking what’s inside is not projected outside. The inner self is our true reflection. It’s genuine, kind, and pleasant. It tells a story of past, present, future events from eons ago. When you are in stillness, your energy is calm, and the world is still in motion like a movie playing in the theater. Chiron is in Aries at 12 degrees with the assistance of the Sun’s trine, shining light to allow access to your learning and higher education, thus bringing transformation where you were once wounded and buried away are now resurfacing. No need to ask how to change. You have to want change, then apply yourself.

Taurus: Laying a new foundation for yourself while partaking in learning from different groups and cultures is refreshing to the soul purpose. An eye-opener is what it’s called. A message that wants to be conveyed is showing up in an emotionally reactive state from within, causing unusual behavior and the need to be alone. However, messages can also appear in conversations, noticing numbers, and even seeing and hearing something, which gives you an ahh moment. So smile as you go about your day.

Gemini: The chemistry this week of being around like-minded individuals from elevating conversations can spark your attention. It’s interesting how a simple conversation can give you the relief to fill in some of life’s mysteries by listening to others and sharing their experiences. We’re all on a journey, and each person’s journey is unique, with different excursions and amenities to experience. With all the experiences and life lessons, how can you bring about change within society with a simple contribution by providing a service to humanity? Be as creative as you like within your vision to manifest your products or services.

Cancer: This week, redefine your position within your personal space and working relationships to bring fulfillment in your life that’s been missing. Clear the pathway of your home by recycling unwanted items; maybe a yard sale is a great way to clear out your space. This week, be inspired to connect with a passion for what you want to share or teach others. Peace, love and harmony are advised with self-care, and a sudden or unexpected compensation from the past just may come to you.

Leo: Happy, joyous Solar return Leo. The Sun is shining all its glory on you to express yourself differently. An excellent investment offer on a home may catch your eye, or a chance to utilize space for a creative endeavor. Whatever opportunities come your way may require you to roll up your sleeves to add an artistic touch, thus bringing different energy into your space. It appears a grand opening of a storefront, book release, or social gathering to discuss specific agendas in your local communities is in the forecast. Research grant funding, or perhaps someone may want to invest in you and what you represent for decades to come passing down knowledge for generational wealth.

Virgo: Knowledge can be recognized in all life forms from the trees, leaves, the four seasons, people, birds, the flow of the rivers, lakes, ocean, etc. Helping others assist you in giving back to your communities; to retore faith and learning by connecting spiritually, not just physically. Instead of Santa Claus’s fairy tale-bearing gifts worldwide overnight, you want to spread invaluable knowledge and bring awareness to people’s consciousness like the movie “Beauty and the Beast.” Everything has an expiration date, and so do spells of fairy tales. It’s time to Wake up the people to create their world.

Libra: The sunbeam reflects its light on you in the upcoming season, giving you the vision to develop new and innovative concepts to your plans. Create other avenues using the same information but in a different way. Not everyone can learn by reading; focus on visualizing, listening, or hands-on efforts to refine the full effect of the message you want to convey. Think of long-term tangible results by developing short-term data information, be it group discussions, workshops, or partnering with other people to exchange information.

Scorpio: Your perspective on life is changing as you reflect on your experiences thus far. It’s about redirecting your life to learn or do something new that you can only envision seeing the change. Now it’s time to activate the change in yourself that you want to see and become. Once you start the process, it’s not easy as you imagine going through the changes of the four seasons to renew yourself. After you come out of the storm, the Sun shines bright on you with forthcoming and well-deserved rewards.

Sagittarius: This week, you can sense the breakthrough of a new cycle occurring, ready to birth and welcome you to a new world of change. Your profession is in the spotlight at this moment, daring and challenging you to take a risk to advance yourself to the next level. This August month is about analyzing what you already created before the finished project is ready for distribution for the benefit of all. It’s for that reason that class is now in session.

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