Drastic changes are occurring in our world. When a woman is fed up with an egotistical man, lost in the no man’s world and bitter, it’s unfortunate. The woman shows up to make life sweeter by reintroducing herself. You can’t forget the walls that once were built; old ones crumble, forming new ground, walls, and territory. A woman shakes things up and brings about changes, getting you uncomfortable with what used to work. Now, it’s time for a kindly reminder to upgrade and replenish this earth. Once a woman has reawakened, she brings forth life with her destruction by the motion of tidal waves, tsunamis, hurricanes, storms, and tempests that change the wind’s direction and weather. It’s best to step aside or otherwise get caught up in the volcanic rupture. Although she is Mother Nature, the Goddess cannot do it alone. She needs her Goddesses, Queens, Priestesses, Wise Women, emperors, princesses, etc., on earth to help and assist by healing themselves to work in harmony and synchronicity.

Capricorn: A swift change is on the rise this week; being structured and well-organized goes a long way. The outcome will be exceptionally well worth it. Begin the change you want to see in your life by addressing any circumstances that prevent you from moving forward. Explore the deep part of your creation of something you wanted to do or come true. Set the tone for September to renew yourself in some way, shape, or form. Always work on being centered; that will bring peace, love, harmony into your life. Don’t allow others to bombard you with their issues.

Aquarius: Once you allow the Divine Creator to step in, letting go is vastly essential. Once you decide on what you want, take a stand, and see how the universe carries out your wishes as if you’re placing a to-go-order. Where one cycle ends, another one starts. However, the choice is solely up to you to make the difference to take the lead while enjoying the ride. The journey will not be smooth, yet will be a joyous adventure to sail through the tumultuous and trying times to get you to the other side. Being true to yourself is vital.

Pisces: A woman or man with goals is more successful due to the risks they take to step out of life’s usual hustle and bustle to do for themselves. Life becomes more eventful and exciting being your boss. Dreams are often foresight of divine messages and awareness. More importantly, is how does the dream makes you feel. Anything is possible. You have to believe it; then there’ll be no question to ask, especially when applying yourself. Everything else will work out. Take a different route in your affairs and feel the changes as you take small steps to reach the outcome.

Aries: A rapid cycle of change moves you in a different direction within the home, the business, or relationships, and the one-on-one relationships with yourself. What kind of commitment and routine are you willing to stick to and discipline in your due diligence? Routines or rituals are set in motion to get you out of the funk and show up for yourself more. When you do your reflection, look back in the mirror to guide you in the quest. There are times you have to put trust in the unknown by leaving your comfort zone. Be mindful of your intake this week as health matters may pop up or cause slight unease in the body.

Taurus: Patience is the key this month. Get as much work completed as possible by community networking or educational courses to tune into this week. This week is more productive with information pouring into your hands like a water fountain. Finances may slightly incline. Be a wise shopper and rest towards the evening of the 9th before you overwork or overextend yourself. Take time out for yourself. Investing in yourself is a significant life improvement. Cherish those moments with the people who share, and you transmit information to elevate each other.

Gemini: If you’ve been wanting to start something new, something you may have never seen coming down the pipeline, it is about to be a breakthrough moment for you. It’ll feel so refreshing to navigate a different course in your life. Partnerships will be formed, be it personal, business or family. A woman of significance will play a role in your life, be it your mother, a wife, sister, daughter, aunt, etc. This month is where it’ll all take place and feel reborn and on a new verge, and life is becoming more meaningful.

Cancer: Something unfathomable within your heart may be bothering you while contemplating a subject of the home, family, work, etc. that needs a deeper look. Address the issue once and for all, and get it out of your way. Whatever story you made in your mind may not exist yet because you haven’t given it a try to know the outcome. Instead, reflect on your life and experiences that brought you back to your roots. Wisdom of the elders while reminiscing on the well-organized foundation, values, and lessons to keep you afloat should be applied in your life now.

Leo: Your time, energy, and focus are vitally important this month. Know your boundaries and limits with other people as far as you’re willing to go. The train must reach its destination, yet your stop is approaching as the journey continues. At times, we must walk the path alone to discover new things about ourselves or embark on other ideas to put into play while remembering the previous lessons. Keep a small pocket notebook handy.

Virgo: There is no other way other than the way that feels right to make that left or right turn. Following the crowd brought you experiences of what to do and what not to do. Then, there comes the point in life where new alliances, programs, workshops, and knowledge of self bring satisfaction to pass down the tools and requirements needed to keep elevating. This week presents new opportunities, and your life is about taking on a unique role or position in some way, shape, or form.

Libra: You must take time to listen while paying attention to all forthcoming details and information. Pay attention to the tone of people’s voices and what they’re doing before you help or apply your two cents of input. There may be an inner need to offer a helping hand in an area that isn’t suited for them, yet you’re a natural. In this cycle, you’re in the spotlight, where people will take notice of you.

Scorpio: Separation of family, work, duty are ramping up rapidly. You must have a game plan or some format to follow to keep you abreast and not drained. One great thing is that your appearance and skin are flawless, so when you don’t look or feel your best, only you know while others may not notice. Take a break when needed as family, friends, etc. will see and heed your advice this particular weekly cycle.

Sagittarius: Embarking on a new unique journey that you may not have seen coming will transform your life for the better with a different meaning. Life, death, and taxes are the one thing for sure in this world. How you go about your life is your choice. You may hear news of elders transitioning, childbirth, pregnancy, or separation, etc. However, your focus is to continue to complete the foundation this month to make your dreams come true. Release anyone or anything that tries to hold onto you or do the holding on to others. No one is perfect.

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