I believe in the humanity of Americans. We look out for each other and want what is best for one another.

We want peace in the land. Confusion is not a trait that we want to see practiced in the public square.

However, is the tide turning? Are we getting mad and upset with each other?

According to a recent CNN poll 74% of Americans are angry. That is not good news and is an indicator of where we are these days according to some pundits.

Did this ill-tempered wind that is blowing across the United States of America just happen?

My opinion is no.

Like rain, it started with clouds. It was the cloud of hate that happened in Charlottesville Virginia. It was the cloud of false allegations about election fraud and the cloud of mistreating people because you have power.

While some will vehemently disagree, it began with the former president of the United States.

Early in his quest for the top job, he made outrageous comments about people. He demeaned them and verbally abused them. Black and Brown people were his targets.

As president, he became worse.

During his unhinged and lie-filled presidency, he empowered racists in this country.

Before him, racists and hate groups were not as visible. They stayed in the closet, not wanting to be readily identified.

The fabric and moral underpinning of America would not allow them to have a stronghold in our beloved community.

The floodgates of meanness and contempt opened when he was elected.

Groups like the Proud Boys were not household names. Now they are. We are surrounded by overt acts of bad behavior.

Racism is clearly out for all to witness. The color of one’s skin sometimes determines your fate.

No and not available are responses that we are hearing way too often.

When stopped by the police, as people of color, we don’t know the outcome. Life and death hang in the balance.

Politics have turned ugly. Laws have become weapons. Some states are using them to cause upheaval and mistrust.

The coronavirus is deadly in all forms. Health experts have clarified and amplified this message on a daily basis.

Yet, we have people in our nation who refuse to take the vaccine.

They are so obstinate in their views that the fear of death does not move them.

But wait. They only fear it if it hits their doorstep. If it happens down the street or in another city, it does not matter to them.

That attitude is cold, insensitive, and incomprehensible, at least to me.

President Joe Biden wants to mandate vaccines for certain groups. Most all federal workers and those with governmental contracts must be vaccinated. Of course, there is pushback on this new directive.

Parts of America are in a nightmare where they believe science does not matter and that doctors do not count.

What can be done to stop this train of turmoil? Some of our citizens just don’t get it.

As we have pushed past Labor Day going to the fall, will we survive this detour of indifference?

Schools and colleges are struggling to reopen. Different states have different policies about mask wearing. Protests have been held outside of schools. Verbal attacks have occurred at school board meetings.

Keeping children safe should be the overarching goal. Those who don’t want their children to wear masks are emotional without the facts.

So, we must find some solutions to these pressing problems.

Let’s start by treating each other with dignity and respect.

Dr. James B. Ewers Jr., is a youth advocate, consultant, author and president emeritus of the Teen Mentoring Committee (TMC) of Ohio.