On Saturday, Sept. 25, the New York State Jazz and Literature Society is sponsoring the 10th annual John Coltrane Jazz Festival at Harlem Heritage Tours, located at 104 Malcolm X Blvd., between 115th and 116th Streets, from 2-5 p.m.

The concert is free to the public and will feature saxophone artists Alvin Flythe on tenor sax, Dr. John Satchmo Mannan on soprano sax, and Paul Austerlitz on bass clarinet. Singing sensations Lori Hartman (daughter of Johnny Hartman) and Terri Davis will be on vocals, with Bertha Hope on piano. Hilliard Greene on bass and Jamie Affoumado on drums make up the rhythm section.

The concert will raise awareness of the importance of John Coltrane’s legacy to American and world music culture, and his connection to New York and Harlem.

This free concert will be broadcast live from Harlem Heritage Tours. Listeners can tune in for free Saturday at 2 p.m. by visiting www.youtube.com/channel/UCJhOImcp1ed_3JXkfrQ-gOQ.

The event is supported by the Jazz Foundation of America.