This universal cycle week suggests you make up your mind to what you want to do. What route, direction, trip, and choice to make by the end of the day. When you apply yourself, your mind has to think and act accordingly with the flow of change. Your intuition will guide you like the winds that blow your sailing boat. You have to be willing to change. It is similar to being in a bad relationship, a breakup, or a job that ran its course, waiting to exhale for peace of mind. “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” Malcolm X

Capricorn: This week thus far is about doing what’s in your best interest. Paying yourself first, being grounded, structured, and not taking any wooden nickels. Capricorn has the discipline, structure, and strength to manifest their grand design into existence by making short-term investments that produce long-term benefits. Organize your home from top to bottom. Also, review your financial transcript as you may have unexpected resources coming in and out. During this cycle, complete all projects of importance.

Aquarius: Take note of the inventory within your home, business, and personal life, such as household items, business files, contacts, as well as your self-care regimen to ensure your quality of life. This weekly cycle aligns with your health to be wise and give special attention to your feet, ankles, and lower back, as you may find a bruise appearing out of the left field and a bump or two, here and there. Also, give your eyes a rest by taking catnaps throughout your day to restore your energy. Public appearances along with community networking are likely to be a part of this forecast.

Pisces: Traveling long-distance in-state or to a different country for a retreat, vacation to relieve yourself from everyday life will serve its purpose this week and reawaken the spark in you. Relocation, building an enterprising company elsewhere may also be on your plan if you haven’t already been thinking of doing business in a foreign location, even working with another ethnicity. Your financial resources are looking bright, so spend and invest wisely while reading the fine print. All monies aren’t good money, however. So allow the monies to come to you instead.

Aries: There’s been a mental nudge and a push to get you uncomfortable for change and to spice up your life by choosing a different route. Your routine must change, and the universe is making sure of that. Aries, you have a pioneer spirit who doesn’t like being told what you can do. You just know how. That’s great; it’s best to stick to something you have a passion for and do things that make you happy inside. If you take away the physical appearances and dig deeper internally, what does it say? Who and what do you see, and when you make the change you will feel better? You’re a boss, so remember your roots, experiences, and lessons that keep you centered and grounded.

Taurus: Now that the wheels are rolling again, you need to tread easy to take you where you need to be to receive valuable lessons. The process has already begun to move forward to complete your mission. This week is an excellent time to receive or be compensated for a job well done or some form of appreciation from others. Drinking plenty of water to aid your digestive flow while getting rest to heal your body is essential this month and week. In October, you’re going to be one busy bee buzzing.

Gemini: This week brings a new beginning and direction with a new perspective on life. You’re changing the game instead of being the player in the game. You open the door and your heart to clear your mind to do something beneficial always around the home, the family, business, and personal life. At times you have to take control of your life, and that’s exactly what you’re doing now. Now, you have even more opportunities at your leisure. So let the plan begin and have some patience in October as the process is moving slower.

Cancer: Reality seeps in when you reflect on your life to review your growth and the life lesson you’ve gained. We all can work on a section of our life to emphasize and expand the quality of that portion. As you reflect on your life, please note the areas you want to improve and not allow others to do it for you. It’s on you if it’s to be. The process is smoother when you start to break old habits to create entirely new ones to better your outlook on life.

Leo: This year taught you to have boundaries, respect for yourself, others, as well as nature. You’ll gain more value in knowledge, your work, and the importance of your responsibilities as a woman or man taking care of the home and handling your daily affairs. Home is what keeps you safe while doing what you love and solely believe in while investing in your health. This week will feel like a tug of war with ease and desire to do something you haven’t done in a while, like traveling to another country, a nature walk, or a spa treatment.

Virgo: Your creativity is heading in a new direction, and your mind is set to work on various projects. Grab your notebook and pen as you’re likely find yourself in the flow of writing, sketching out a new design, format, and layout of your newfound visions. What we create is the greatest thing we can do for ourselves, which is an entity that reflects our inner self. Virgo, as detailed as you are, you have no problem in that department.

Libra: The sun is shining, and the grass has been watered, nurtured to bring forth the new growth with the change of the season. Even during the storm, our eyes are still open to navigate through the windiest, tumultuous times, yet we remain strong to survive. The changes that occur outside reflect the changes inside ourselves to become a better version of ourselves. An upgrade is what you can call it. Who said growth would be easy?

Scorpio: Abrupt changes are transpiring for the better, and it is best to allow the divine to do its part, and you do yours. Look beyond what’s in front of you and listen to your intuition to guide you. Take off the rose-colored glasses for a bit to see the signs ahead. Scorpio, don’t you see, feel, sense, and already know the outcome? When one door closes, another opens. Check-in on you as the divine source is guiding you elsewhere on your journey.

Sagittarius: Roll out the red carpet to make your grand entry and exit plan. Your life and position are taking off this week as work will require you to move differently and connect more globally around the world. Traveling cross country or connecting by social media may also be on the agenda. In addition, investors may want to invest in your programs, so have your blueprint handy or/even perhaps receive grant funding for your projects, plus your investments are growing. This cycle week is busy; remember to show your feet some attention and affection by soaking and massaging your foot.

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