The New York Chapter of the National Association of Kawaida Organizations (NAKO) in conjunction with the International African Arts Festival (IAAFestival) will host a Zoom forum on the situation at the border entitled: The Crises at the Border: Blacks and Immigration on Thursday, Oct. 7.

The guest speakers will include Mr. Benjamin Ndugga Kabuye, formerly of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) and Ms. Britney Williams among others.

Activists say there is a lack of awareness about the significant number of people of African descent among the tens of thousands of people gathered on the southern border of the United States seeking to enter the US. Most of these speakers have presented at past forums, symposiums and fundraisers held by NAKO and the IAAFestival to addressed this issue. They will also be offering concrete ways people can assist legitimate ‘on the ground organizations’ working on the Haitian and Black immigration issue.

“We are inundated with propaganda from the right, left and liberals about various issues. In this case, the crisis at the border. But oftentimes, African people are paralyzed with blinding and confusing white lies about what is really going on,” organizers said. “In Kawaida philosophy we ask and try to answer three questions: What does it do to African people? What does it do for African people? And; how do African people effectively participate?”

“Besides becoming desensitized to human suffering, we tend to think that the issues at the border are simply about Latinos/Latinas, not realizing that many, approximately 1 in 5 of those on the border are identified as people of African descent,” they added. “And, hidden even further is the fact that much of the violence and poverty that is driving people from these poor underdeveloped nations to the United States and Europe is self-inflicted and fueled by America’s and Europe’s racism, coups, wars, corporate corruption and greed; in addition to their appetite for and addiction to drugs.”

The community can join Thursday’s program by going to the link on the IAAFestival’s website at For further information call: 718-789-3264 / 638-6700 or email