Love vibes are in the air as we enter the Autumn season. Relationships can suddenly start or end, be it personal, business, friend-related, or strictly platonic. Love begins with self-love first, before someone else can love you the way you would want to be loved. Not everyone loves the same, so understand the languages of love, just like Mercury in different signs; people communicate differently or speak with a different dialect. Mercury retrogrades in Libra at 25 degrees are about learning how to appreciate other viewpoints and feelings without judging others. Health is vital during this season, so take special care of your body, especially for people with asthmatic conditions and issues with the kidneys, eczema, anemia, etc. Treat your body well, and it will treat you nicely in return.


October sets the tone and the building blocks you’ve formed along your journey thus far. Somewhat like new and old recipes mixed, to keep the legacy strong for the next generation to come. Life has its purpose, just like a car. The car is the physical form that gets us from point A to B. The physical body is the vehicle for the spiritual world to connect, build, create, experience, manifest, and contribute to society, whether big or small. So make use of what you have right in front of you. A change within your appearance, relocation, remodeling, or rearranging your home and career is looking bright.


What exciting new piece of art you begin to develop around Sept 25 will carry over into October, setting the tone of a new chapter in your life? You are motivating yourself by your actions to get it done. Change is different, yet it sets the tone for your uniqueness to shine brightly and fearlessly. It’s best to go with the flow and break free from the birdcage to explore the exciting new opportunities that await you.


Finalizing the last details and walkthrough on a plan before its debut is on your schedule. Achieving something you envision is a glorious feeling to accomplish, and share the wealth and knowledge with others. Nothing can stand in your way now that you leveled up and continue to educate to higher grounds. Make life an experience to live for by taking control of your fate. You have a soulful spirit, Pisces. Live, act, and beat your feet to your drum.


October will center around your one-on-one relationships, rearranging or remodeling your home, along with revamping your appearance are in your forecast. You’ll enjoy looking in the mirror more often as your skin glistens, making you more attractive, beautiful, and easy on the eye. Partnerships or joint projects are also a part of the discussion in this cycle. Situations once a mystery is revealed, along with the answers to the questions you seek, will be unveiled.


This is a phenomenal week to join in community group discussions, along with catching up with a friend you haven’t heard from in a while. This cycle week suggests leaving some wiggle room in your schedule as unexpected delays or serendipitous situations occur. Ask questions if you don’t know, as you’re in an information cycle asking the what, who, when and the why for better clarity.


Although this year has taught you to be more assertive and take the lead while listening to your inner intuition, the essential key is the transformation to regain self-focus. Every seven to nine years, changes occur within our body, that our body sends us signals to go with the flow or act upon before the issue gets out of control. By you listing and following up, you came out on top rather than the bottom. As you move forward, fortitude is required to sail through the waters to guide you.


Whether fighting with the energy work with the energy to guide you, it’s about working with what you have. Letting go of specific circumstances is great for your overall health, especially if you weren’t there initially. In short, don’t push the issue. Clear away the dead weight or heavy load for clarity. It’s time to begin a new chapter in your life as you are the main character now. Clear away the spider webs and blow away the dust. It’s about being organized and taking account of yourself and your destiny. What is your inner calling leading you to do?


This year thus far has been centered around work, family, love, commitment, and routines to avoid all distractions to focus on your achievements. Projects now can be completed this week going into next month, where you’ll see more exponential growth. Take a deep sigh and appreciation of the accomplishments, dedication, and provision to achieve a goal, more like a significant milestone in your life. Then, recuperate your energy by going on a retreat, massage, sunbathing or meditation, etc. This month, synchronicity is no accident. It’s just the nature of the linguistic of how the universe operates.


Can you say it’s easy as one, two, three once you embark on a journey? A journey that keeps going besides being wrapped up in the whirlwind of things that leads you to nowhere. The direction of the cosmic map is telling you to stay the course as you sail through the smooth waters. Creating another masterpiece is fun, as well as the learning experience you share with other folks.


Take a walk or trip down memory lane, whether it’s a conversation replaying in your mind, specific keywords that stand out that people stated, or a statement that holds value in your upbringing. That seems to be the antidote to a situation, to give birth to a project or new concepts. This week contains information beyond the physical realm that’s tugging on you, be it by change of mood or thoughts that trigger an emotional reaction to receive or deliver a message. Grab a pen and paper to take notes.


It’s time for a new scenery within the home by applying a fresh coat of paint or remodeling and rearranging the home. Schedule a few days off work to pamper yourself. This month, create a routine to incorporate into your schedule to assist in the heavy load of responsibilities around the home and the workplace. Researching topics online can be helpful when learning how to do something. One-on-one personal relationships may need special attention as your advice or words of encouragement are needed.


This is a time to cleanse yourself of unwanted habits, remove outgrown clothes, shoes, or other items that no longer serve a purpose. Start releasing this month for the newness of a clean slate coming through to shower you with gifts gracefully. Gifts can be spiritual, physical, or accepting that you have a natural talent you can tap into to assist others. When one cycle ends, another starts like an enter and exit sign inside a building, stores, etc. It is time to shed away from the old and embrace the change.

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