Armstrong Williams (26543)
Armstrong Williams

The mainstream media wanted you to think that right-wing people would riot during their recent September Washington, D.C. protest. They were wrong. They wanted you to believe that the streets would be lined with a sea of red hats. They were wrong. They were eager to showcase video footage of a white man attacking a Black man in a red hat. Yet, at the cost of millions of taxpayer dollars, insurmountable animosity towards a political party, and the deep distrust in the system, there were no significant protestors; their numbers were dismal. The only people who showed up were the mainstream media and the thousands of police officers who could be responding to house calls and aiding the elderly and the helpless in their time of need.

The real protestors are the media; they are upset, unkempt, and dissatisfied with the weak display of violence on Capitol grounds. But, instead of taking to the streets, they bring to the televisions in the sanctity of our homes to air their unfound and often fabricated grievances at the American way of life.

With their immense reach, the mainstream media has turned a large portion of the public into mindless zombies who speak from the mouths of talking heads instead of the head on their shoulders. In addition, they have made people angry by disproportionately airing shocking events and then using those events to argue that they indicate a broader problem.

During the warm Saturday, Sept. 18 non-event, I spoke with a large number of officers, pet a magnificent police horse at the suggestion of one of our courageous officers, and witnessed the human side of law enforcement. But, unfortunately, the mainstream media does not want you to witness these events because they contradict their larger narrative that police officers are people. They are faceless uniforms and badges to the mainstream media, and their sole care is for themselves.

Don’t be fooled by the mainstream media. You are exceedingly smarter than they believe you to be, and trust me when I say this, they think you are fools and gullible.

Countless times per year, protests are regularly scheduled in Washington, D.C. These protests are committed to various causes, including abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, migrant rights, Black Lives Matter, and a variety of other prevalent concerns. Unfortunately, the police presence is limited when these protests take place. At worst, a street or two will be closed, and at most, a few police officers will be there to ensure no violence. However, the events of September 18th highlight a situation that should cause profound concern for our national security interests and our freedom to demonstrate peacefully. It just took a presumably right-wing group to organize a protest for Homeland Security to fully lock down the Capitol, the Supreme Court, and many other susceptible sites.

After all was said and done, miles and miles of barricades were erected, thousands of law enforcement officers were mobilized to guard the area, and a barrage of propaganda from left-wing media organizations was broadcast on our televisions, all to the tune of millions of tax dollars and thousands of wasted employment hours that could have been spent on tasks far more productive. Instead, the barricades went up overnight just to come down the next day, wasting all of that effort for nothing. In fact, after speaking with a few workers by the barricades, I was informed that a mass solicitation was sent out by the government just two hours prior to the barricades being erected and that the government hired whoever responded first.

Why didn’t this happen on January 6th? It looked relatively simple to get everything set up this time. Not only did Homeland Security confess that they had reliable information about the events on January 6th, but they also knew it would have occurred on a day when almost every single high-profile politician would be in a single location––the certification of election results in the Capitol Building. I’m sure you recall what Homeland Security and D.C. Metropolitan Police Department did on that day: nothing. When circumstances like these arise, it is virtually impossible not to suspect that powerful interests on both sides––Republican and Democrat–– intended it to happen; it created hatred and contempt towards each political party, which sadly pays dividends in politics.

Almost every major news organization has admitted that police enforcement and media personnel outnumbered the protesters on September 18th. Some would call the government’s response to send thousands of officers to the Capitol area excessive, but it was the perfect storm for the media. Whatever the outcome, the headline was ideal for attacking the protestors themselves and conservatives as a whole: if the protest was large, the media could portray them as the violent enablers of January 6th who cheered on and continue to support people who killed a police officer, and if the protests were small––as they were––they could call Trump’s supporters “dying” and “pathetic,” as they did.

Armstrong Williams (@ARightSide) is the owner and manager of Howard Stirk Holdings I & II Broadcast Television Stations and the 2016 Multicultural Media Broadcast Owner of the Year. He is the author of “Reawakening Virtues.”