The North and South nodes are gradually shifting towards the end of the Gemini and Sagittarius axis currently at 3 degrees. Information is being spread like the wind that blows in all directions. Rapid discussions, meetings, and conversations are taking place, building a community of networks to better collaborate. At times where spiritual retreats take place, finding a mentor or guru to assist you on your journey is in the forecast. Government-related topics of the truth are exposed from left to right. Even if the government told the truth, so many lies have been told as the truth. The truth as a result would be just as confusing as a lie.


The Phoenix must rise from the ashes bringing forth a new profound faith within your uniqueness. Uplift yourself while opening your heart and let go of the old ways of doing things. Your relationships are changing as your true self is showing up more to guide you. Of course, our dreams and visions hold the answers to the unknown that is played out in different ways, bringing insight to our daily lives, and even creativity to manifest a product and bring our gifts forward to share with the world. The rebirth of a Capricorn is in the making.


The way you received information through conversation gives ideas to a project you may be creating. Exploit ways to expand your gifts, talent, and services which put you in a different bracket opening the doors of opportunities. You have the green light to start this month fresh, spontaneously and courageously, to step out into the world to meet and connect with other like-minded souls with a trailblazer spirit.


Now that you are into the rhythm, the pace is a bit different when you are working and cruising to your agenda rather than someone else. Take time to cruise this cycle as the answers you seek are in the details through conversations, images, and other forms of messaging. Kick-off your shoes and relax with a good book, a great movie, or make it your business to get into some form of self–improvement.


Romance and finance are the theme this cycle begins a routine as your schedule may clash by you overcommitting yourself. Organization is the key be it in a way of cleaning your home for a more peaceful environment after returning from a long day of work. Rise a bit earlier as family, work, and other obligations could pull you in a tug of war direction. Remember, balance is the key, as well as people, have boundaries. Assist yourself first before helping others. Take a nature walk or go by a body of water for reflection and peace of mind away from your daily grind.


Can you say, “I heard it through the grapevine?” People are willing to help you advance into a position or by sudden meetings with those whose intentions are to connect you to the right people. It’s a cycle where you know someone who knows someone, and/or they heard of your work. Also, in addition, you’re referring people for goods and services. Try not to over-exhaust yourself this week, so make it a point to schedule time out to recenter yourself to restore your energy.


A thump, knock, then a bang from the inside is asking you to recognize the inner growth and changes that are occurring to elevate yourself even higher. Growth can be a slow process just like planting the seed of a flower or fruit in the ground. It’s the unseen states of germination before you see any sprout coming to the surface of the soil. Continue to build strength and resistance through any adversities.


The word “I” is in the word independent to keep in mind as you set new rules and commitments to yourself. It’s to explore, journey on new and exciting excursions that can transform your perspective on life, also how you feel about yourself. What do you love to do? What brings joy to your heart? Sometimes, we have to step out of the zone of comfortability to take advantage of the exciting opportunities that life has to offer during this global reset.


This cycle week feels of attunement to meet your inner self and bring forth information by visuals, dreams, and messages from the spiritual realm, or a loved one revealing something to you for future reference. Letting go is the metamorphosis to restructuring yourself and peeling away the old into the new version of you. This week get into some form of publishing, writing, achievement, or simply rewarding and putting yourself into a much better space.


What do you value the most? Education is invaluable. That’s why nuggets are found in a book that some don’t have the time or patience to read or invest time to do so. You, on the other hand, find that information is useful to apply in various ways to demonstrate and bring forth more meaning. You’re traveling in a week where things started or discussed may be at a standstill or simmering for review. Just do your part and follow up.


You’re in the spotlight this month, and everywhere you go, you will bump into someone, so the shades you may be wearing really won’t help. This is a fertile cycle month to bear fruit regarding career-related matters while networking and attending events in person or online to spread the word of a new project or keep your name circulating. Own this month since it’s your season to brightly shine and bring something of value to the table.


Some form of compensation may appear out of left field this week, and your work may be receiving more attention than ever. A special someone may want to romance you, or maybe you are seeking the same. Besides, someone will show their appreciation by a compliment or by a kind gesture. During this cycle week, some form of separation with someone or something may start to take place, or finally trimming the fat, financially to reduce costs and removing things taking up valuable space.


Emotionally, you can be a wreck, or your feelings regarding others are strongly felt from a distance. Some people aren’t wrapped too tight, so guard yourself at all costs. This month, and especially this week, emphasize your will and determination to accomplish any task you set out to do. You may cross paths with someone with who you share a story or encourage them to don’t give up. Your words are inspiring this month. With the gift of gab to back you up, use this cycle to influence others on their journey as well as your own.

Copyright Kya French 2021