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Candle Credit: Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay

Alexander Lewis Jones, affectionately known to family and friends as “Alex” “DA” and “Al”, was born on January 4, 1983. October 7, 2021 he was involved in a single car crash on the FDR drive. He was 38 years old.

Alexander graduated from Rice High School. He attended several colleges including Howard University. He was never short on words and showed no hesitation in sharing his opinion, as he considered himself a subject matter expert on many things.

To know Alexander was to love him. He was quite sensitive, even from a very young age. He loved to travel. Alex had a love affair with NIKE. When being interviewed by a writer from “Highsnobiety,” a fashion magazine in which he was featured, the writer said: “It seems only fitting that all morning, we heard friends and passersby referring to Alexander as the ‘Flyest USPS Man in New York.’

Fashion has always been a big part of Alexander’s life, he recalls. Growing up in Harlem, he learned about the legendary creatives from Harlem who inspired a lot of what we see in modern music, art, and fashion. In that regard, Alexander says, he feels proud to represent Harlem as a fashion figure and hopes to bring some attention back to the creative community that is still thriving there today.”

The writer asked, “What originally drew you into fashion?” Alex replied, “I remember looking at old photo albums a few years back. At that point I understood that my parents always made sure that I was dapper. So, respectfully, fashion has always been a big part of who I am.”

Alexander was the proud father of Gabriella Jones, whom he deeply loved and cherished. Being in the middle of family and friends was always something he enjoyed. Alexander leaves behind his daughter, loving parents Billy E. Jones and Lewis E. Duckett; birth mother: Robin Wheeler Harvey and many other family and friends.