Just last week, the Circle of Love Prison Recidivism Prevention Support Group collaborated with Against Da Grill to sponsor the first Community Empowerment Day as a way of reintroducing the support group to the community. The day aimed to help members in Staten Island to embrace those who are reentering society with a greater determination to live law-abiding lives.

The street fair was held in the parking lot of First Central Baptist Church Wright Street, where vendors displayed products from jewelry by Lady Nukookia, literature for weight loss and dieting, free school supplies courtesy of Le’ Creme SUV Truck Club, and Southern fried chicken and fish prepared by Against Da Grill.

The purpose of the day was to raise awareness while giving back to the Stapleton community and Staten Islanders. The second goal for the day was to say thank you to those who give generously to the community. The owner of Against Da Grill, Kurran Mangin, was previously presented with an award for his continuous commitment to community development.

Circle of Love Prison Support is committed to the transitional process of men and women coming home. Members of the group have been affected both directly and indirectly and understand the necessity of attaining funding and awareness. The group meets monthly at Central Family Life Center, located at 59 Wright Street. The executive director is Rev. Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina Sr.

For more information, e-mail circle.of.love.prison.support@gmail.com.