We have not been able to imagine what will happen to the financial markets of this country as they seem to be pressing deeper and deeper into a morass that says without blame or acquittal there does not seem to be a willing recipient of that blame, be it corporate America, the public in general or United States, Inc. It is pure. It is simple. There are no other ways to describe what has been happening in the United States in these last few days. We are in debt up to our shingles and there is no way to edge out of it except that dreaded word we learned how to spell in 1929: DEPRESSION. Bigger than feces, we are in a depression up to our ass strings and there is nothing, no one, anyone, nada who can bail us out. We are on our own now, boys, on our own. When one suggests that America is on its own, it suggests that all the countries of the world that we have gone to fight for and to die for, all the countries that we have delivered away from persecutors, all the countries that we have helped and made a wide and open world for have accepted this largess willingly and given us a straight kick in the ass for offering it without our exacting some truth of or princely sum from the nation of peasants that offered it. As for this generation of Americans, there is nothing that they can do or that we can do about what has happened to us. We cannot hold in indebtedness or indict any other country in any other hemisphere for our greed or for our guilt. We did it ourselves. There is no one else to blame. It is not enough alone to say that we are guilty. We have almost always been when it came to issues of morality. But one believed, thought and prayed that this time around America could see the light; that America could look at its recent history of 9/11, embassy bombings all over the world, a war of almost a decade that should have been stamped out in two weeks with negotiations and in fairness as a guide rather than greed and corporate lust waiting in the wings, ready to plunge as soon as the poor Americans were certain that the rich Americans were no longer watching. It can and must be said over and over again: I went to the rock to hide my face and the rock cried out no hiding place, no hiding place down here. No, there is no hiding place down here, down there, over there or anywhere else that a sane person might imagine. America as we know it has changed, and we must do penance or do war, one against the other, for the rest of the world will not allow our country to get away with the barbarism and greed that we are guilty of. Suffer, my little children. Do penance as you must, do penance to our Lord and justice in the land. The world will not be over until HE does it well. So let there be a suggestion to the brothers and sisters, the liars, the fools, the penitents and the pertinent. Do what comes immediate and is just. Do right, do justice, praise the Lord if you believe in such a being/entity, for thus a place of dwelling lies. Do justice and praise the Lord. Do justice and live, for where we are going is not long in coming. One can get there only by going. There is no way that one or another of us can break into that Promised Land because a door has already been opened for us. The door we are seeking is the one that has already been opened by our good deeds and kindness to mankind. Seek your entry, my brother, for God, or whatever substitute you use, cannot do it for you. The announcer has already left the field and the scorekeeper has had a stroke. God bless anyhow.