She is taller in person than she appears on television. The most admiring thing about her as the first lady of the United States, from woman to woman, is her outgoing personality and genuine warmth as she moves through crowds of people.

As the mother of two daughters, she is noticeably relaxed, and one can see she is in her comfort zone mixing with young children. Her campaign to bring the message of a healthy lifestyle has taken her around the country to talk about her “Let’s Move” campaign, as she did at the U.S. Open, where she showed the world and the children who surrounded her that she could play a mean game of tennis.

The young girls and boys could hardly take their eyes off her as she showed them how to hold a racket and how to swing. She left the feeling among everyone in attendance that she is doing with her fitness campaign what she would do if she were just a homemaker.

It seemed as if every camera on the grounds of Arthur Ashe Stadium were pointed at her as she sat in her private box. She never stopped smiling, and clapped for the players on both sides of the net.

Can she run for president when her husband steps down?