Troy Davis case has been far above the American borders and touched people in France. Amnesty International France reported 600,000 French people who have signed the online petition to impeach his execution.

Such an involvement could seem surprising, if we consider that France is no more concerned directly by Death penalty since it has been abolished in 1981. But Troy Davis’ case, sounded to them like wake up call to fight and stop Death penalty in the world. According to the ECPM, which is an anti Death Penalty movement in France:

” The abolition of Death penalty is above all fight for humanity, that is why we all feel concerned about Troy Davis case.”

Before his execution, many association (such as Amnesty International France, ECPM or even MRAP which is an association that fight Racism in the world) organized many rallies in Paris to support Davis’s cause. These rallies gathered hundreds of people each day since the beginning of September and thousands of people since his death sentence have been pronounced years ago. Each time Davis was on the way to the chair French people gathered to protest and impeach his execution.

The Chairperson of MRAP (see above) said: ” right now, the entire world is staring at Georgia State, Don’t Kill Troy Davis”. French people were trying to stop the execution from Paris.

Now he has been executed, rallies are still organized to show people’s anger against U.S judiciary system, and fight against death penalty in General. Everywhere, sadness had rapidly turned into Anger and incomprehension of the U.S judiciary system.

” The U.S is always showing itself as the defensor of victims and of democracy in the world as we have seen recently in Libya or in Ivory Coast. People from all around the world have called for Troy Davis’ clemency, but the Supreme Court stayed deaf. Where is democracy?” said Aminata Coulibaly a Politic Student in Paris. ” It is just incredible how racist and unfair this trial was.”

Genevieve Garrigos, the President of Amnesty International France denounces how ” coward and shameful” this execution was. ” Georgia did not only kill Troy Davis but also the trust that all the people in the world had in the U.S judiciary system.” She said.

Davis’s case has also triggered reactions in French government. The minister of foreign affairs affirmed its “absolute opposition to death penalty” and called the U.S not to commit this execution. In a press conference the minister said:” While more than two thirds of the states in the world had banned this punishment, this case illustrates the need to continue this fight for an Universal abolishment of Death Penalty.”

Robert Badinter, the Father of Death Penalty abolishment in France thirty years ago considers this execution as ” Racist” ” a real defeat for humanity”.

” This man had been in death row for twenty years, this was already a crime. If it was innocent, and we all know he was, it is a crime committed by the U.S. I am sure that this execution deeply besmirches their Judiciary system forever” he said.

Today, while the U. S judiciary system doesn’t seem to realize the consequences of this execution, it is very criticized in France.

Raphael chenuil-Hazan, chairperson of the ECPM association in France declared: “The U.S have to begin a deep and serious reflexion on the role of Justice in a democratic society.”